Pictures of 40GB PS3

Curious to see what the new PS3 40GB looks like? Here are actual, photographed in detail, shots of an unboxing of the new 40GB PS3. More after the jump.

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DJ4492d ago

It's cool that they lowered the energy requirements for the console; I'm guessing that's how they got away with fewer ventilation holes. Still feels like a really high quality system, and I'm glad they put the "No PS2 compatibility" warning in large font on the box.

barom4492d ago

Yeah I'm really happy that they had a noticable warning saying it doesn't support PS2 software. Shows that they're honest and not trying to fool you.

secret4492d ago

Don't listen to the advise of xbots when they suggest you buy an xbox360. They're not intelligent enough to give advise. Look at their comments. Look at their Grand Point Averages. Look at the neighborhood they live in. Look at their choice in spending money on consoles. Most likely, if you listen to the advise of poor and dumb people, you'll only end up poor and dumb like the xbots. Learn what NOT TO DO from the xbots.

XBOTS, why is 3x5 and 5x3 the same?

InMyOpinion4492d ago

Are you telling me that wealth and intelligence depend on each other? You just made a fool of yourself.

What classifies intelligence? Most athletes make more money than math teachers, does that make the athletes more intelligent? Is there only one type of intelligence? Your world seems very black & white. Wake up.

PS360PCROCKS4492d ago

@Secret. You have to be the biggest idiot I have ever seen. Oh and it's "advice" not "advise" jackass

wageslave4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

While Sony has been hard at work ripping hardware out of its failed console and slashing prices to get the PS3DO off retail shelves. Microsoft has been busy *adding* value to existing customer's Xbox 360s! Ha! Funny that.

Not only does the Xbox 360 have the best games, the best online network and the best past and present, but the future.

I'd love to chat - hey, why dont you drop me a note from your Windows LIVE Messenger to my Xbox 360? Let me know how your folding numbers are doing m'kay?

But Im a little bored with you all. Im going to watch a couple more free episodes of Arrested Development on Xbox 360 Internet TV Beta.

After that, I'll be playing a little Orange Box. Maybe the PS3 will be lucky to get it sometime, when Valve figures can cobble together something from the terrible design tools and environment that they've had since 2004 and no one can get even a single decent game on the POS3.

See you SDF suckers later!

SebL4491d ago

I'd love to join you for a game of something on Xbox live but my Microshaft Ex-box PleaseFixMe is broken yet again, for the 4th time!! I'm just so sick of it! I can't afford the running costs of the 360 anymore. Instead of paying to get it fixed, i'm going to spend my money on some PS3 games. At least that works when I switch it on! I reckon the 33% failure rate M$ quote is a little optimistic.

gta_cb4491d ago

to me you have just made yourself look like an idiot,
repairs are completely FREE unless you have had your Xbox 360 for more then three years, have you had your Xbox 360 for more then three years? well its unlikely unless you bought it a year before it was released.
another thing is that games for the PS3 are NORMALLY more expensive then the Xbox 360, yeh IF you have an Xbox 360 and IF it has broken for the 4th time i am sorry to hear that because no one should have to go without something they have spend a lot of money on while its being repaired/replaced but when you say you cant afford to run the Xbox 360 then say your going to spend money on a PS3 your spending more on that system then on the Xbox 360....

gta_cb4491d ago

to all people disagreeing with my last comment, just wondering why? so if you could just leave a comment back explaining why you have disagreed with me that would be great, especially as where i live (europe) what i said in my last comment IS the case

kreetah4491d ago

M$ is SO cool to repair the 360 free like that and the free shipping and gas voucher is nice too! Just need a credit for all the XBL time I've lost and I'm good. Had a few dozen paperback books I needed to catch up on anyway :)

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TheSMART4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

The Alpha and Omega of this Console War.

World Domination begins with the release of the $399 PS3.

It was written on the eighth day of the tenth month of the year two thousand and seven by TheSMART.

cdzie14492d ago

Yes, this day will always be remembered: The day Sony removed a bunch of hardware and did a 2nd $100 price cut within 4 months in order to somehow reverse a dismal 15% and declining US market share.

Chris_GTR14492d ago

wtf? thesmart??
is this nasims second account? cheap ripoff of the mart. cant even come up with orgiginality.

TheSMART4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

Your words are spoken like a true 360 HD DVD fan filled with fear.
You have no plans on purchasing so why do you care?

I'll tell you why you care. Because you know that despite the lack of PS2 b. c. that this is going to fly off the shelves. Your 360 sold most of its entire installed base at a price of $399. (Core doesn't count since the big majority are Premium sales) You are crazy to think that a $399 PS3 won't sell better then a $399 360 did.

You 360 fans are getting desperate. You try to paint the lower priced PS3 and price cuts in a negative light. You aren't persuading anyone not to get the PS3. All you are doing is making your self look desperate.

You guys used to be able to come up with clever things to say while bashing the PS3. But not anymore. The "Price & No Games" Argument is gone.

Why do you think their are so many negative stories before the 40GB is even released. Its because this is the last time you'll be able to talk trash because when the PS3 starts outselling the 360 and surpasses it then it will be quiet as a pin drop in the 360 camp.

Don't even get me started on the High Profile Blu-ray releases from

New Line this year

Exclusively on Blu-ray.

360 fans had their time now its ours!

Enjoy the following video of what the 40GB $399 PS3 will do to the 360.

TheSMART4492d ago

Sorry i'm not nasim. No disrespect to him but i say intelligent things and educate people. I don't go off on fanboy rants i only speak the truth.

Speaking of rip offs and originality. You portray an avatar of Dr. Phil who is even lamer then TheMart.

Originality is me coming up with such a clever avatar and name! The opposite of TheMart.

You can consider me The Smart Mart! Because i'm intelligent enough to be on the right side.

Marcellus Wallace4492d ago

World Domination? LOL.

Increase in sales? Yep.

Chris_GTR14492d ago

well nobody else has drphil avatar. so thats pretty original.
and as for your avatar you ripped that straight off the mart.
he was the first person on here to use that kid in his avatar, then a bunch of fanboys copyd him and changed what he was pissing on and w/e else they did.

TheSMART4492d ago

Your wrong I've seen about 3 other Dr. Phil avatars on this site.

Like the TheMart was the first person ever to use a Calvin avatar. His is the pissing Calvin mine is the bowing or praying Calvin.

He is the Outspoken 360 Fanboy I am the Outspoken PS3 fan. Big difference.

Besides i could careless what you think why don't you focus on what i say and not what picture i use.

My avatar got your attention didn't it? Which means my work is done!

razer4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

You need to get a life man! I'm saving this comment and believe me I will be one that won't let you live it down here if the PS3 doesn't start it's immediate domination.

@2.8: "He is the Outspoken 360 Fanboy I am the Outspoken PS3 fan. Big difference."

That should read: "He is the Outspoken 360 Fanboy I am the Outspoken PS3 fanBOY. Big difference.

ozps34492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

reply to 2.2 cdzie1:

You know you are going to buy a PS3 don't you?

Madmax12819804492d ago

ye i bet ur avatar is praying! praying that the 40gb ps3 will sell better than the 60gb ps3 lol

user96916534491d ago

Well everyone is copying the real TheMART, but he has changed into Xboxkings...

Ain't it funny

Captain Tuttle4491d ago

TheMart doesn't even try to compete in the monthly contests but he is BY FAR the most influential member of this site.

The Real Peter Moore4491d ago

"TheMart - Well everyone is copying the real TheMART, but he has changed into Xboxkings...

Ain't it funny"

Aint you The Mart? why are you saying it like he's another person? are you crazy or something? Also, TheSMart is So much smarter than the TheMart ever was. And fack Mart, he cant even write right, he's an idiot. And XboxKings is a stupid name

Captain Tuttle4491d ago

You guys are paranoid as hell!

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Primetimebt4492d ago

Only if I can get my PS3 to shine like that..

InMyOpinion4492d ago

Don't touch it. Ever! And you might =)

EZCheez4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

My 60Gb has vents on the right bottom front of it. Not that it matters.

And if it matters to any future buyers, it looks just as cool as my 60Gb.

Chug4492d ago

They made the box look cooler.