Games for Windows LIVE Update Plans

Microsoft announces plans for a November update for Games for Windows LIVE that will bring the online service to version 1.2.

Be sure to check out the first wave of titles to support the service which should hit shelves by Holiday:
• "The Club" (SEGA) – Rated M
• "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" (Eidos) – Rated M
• "Universe at War: Earth Assault" (SEGA) – Rating Pending
• "Gears of War" (Microsoft Game Studios) – Rated M
• "Viva Piñata" (Microsoft Game Studios) – Rating Pending

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ShiftyLookingCow4030d ago

so all these games will be integrated into GfW Live with achievements and friends list? If so cool.

Alcohog4030d ago

He's what Microsoft calls a "sucker".

True PC gamers will continue to laugh in the face of Windows Live.

ShiftyLookingCow4030d ago

hey if you own a 360 and subscribe to Live, having same integration in a few of Windows games is simply an added plus. By no means GfW Live going to do anything big. Steam is more and more taking care of a unified experience on PC side.

narked4030d ago

steam and xfire and gamespy all greater than the windows thing

Torch4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I used to be an avid PC gamer...unfortunately, my relatively crappy systems have rendered me out of the PC gaming scene for a good few years now. However, with the expected arrival of my delicious Quad core/8800GTS system later this week, I'm hoping for things to get a little 'old school' once again.

My question is this: Is a good deal of current multiplayer PC action now limited to paid services (a la XBox Live), or is it still like the good ol' days where we still have the option of setting up dedicated servers?

I'm just curious, because whenever I see the word 'Microsoft' or 'Windows', I can't help but feel like I've gotta reach for my wallet to get anything of use from them.

And there's no way I'm paying even a penny above the price of the game, just so I can shoot it out with a couple of others guys online. If that is that case, the lag-and-expense-free PSN will satisfy my multiplayer fix just fine.

By the way, this is a matter of principle, and not because I'm cheap or as a result of favoritism. This is one of my primary beefs with the 360 and their online subscription <ahem>extortion</ahem > system.

ShiftyLookingCow4029d ago

except for some MMOs, I think PC is pretty much free.