Koei Confirms PS3 Version Of Fatal Inertia For 2008 Release

Following up on today's in-depth feature discussing Japanese publisher/developer Koei, the firm has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Engine 3 title Fatal Inertia is still in development, with a '2008' release date anticipated.

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Fan Tastic4485d ago

KOEI suckered them big time. This game will be garbage on both systems.

REbirth4485d ago

MS bought exclusivity for this tittle?...had no idea...


it will be bad to see this game in other console...PS3 doesn't need garbage right now...
just some good games...

Kleptic4485d ago

Koei said it was due to UE 3 problems with the PS3 at the time...the problems have since been worked out (mostly by tools developed by Epic and Sony, in order to get UT3 running well)... would be funny if MS paid for it to be timed...but I don't think that is the case...Koei just made a crappy game...then pointed fingers at the PS3 and Epic for the game sucking, especially once the Too Human stuff started up again...

Fux4Bux4485d ago

Lol I hope that's not true because the demo of that game was garbage.

DJ4485d ago

some other exclusives, such as Splinter Cell, ended up migrating over as well. Microsoft Corp has a lot of money, but Microsoft's Entertainment division obviously can't pay up for very many titles considering how much money they owe. Referring to permanent exclusivity, not timed, which is obviously cheaper. I'm actually curious as to how much Sony is paying for 3rd party exclusives, or if they're even paying for them.

Douchebaggery4485d ago

my guess not enough, just look at the flood of 3rd party exclusive they're getting

ShiftyLookingCow4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

DJ, look at this way, developers don't bash the other system unless they are quite sure that game is not going to come to that system.

[edit] I was talking about SC, not Fatal Inertia junk

Ri0tSquad4485d ago

This game is getting nothing but terrible reviews and its going to be WIPEDOUT in HD coming to a Xmas near you.

WAR_MACHINE774485d ago

Woot? Is there anybody even looking forward to this game? I never hear anything but crap about it.

unrealchris4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

this game looks like garbage why bother bring it over to the ps3 let it stay on the 360 where it belongs
wipeout on the playstation network is shaping up to be a better game

i dont think ms can be foolish enough to pay for that game

ravinshield4485d ago

ms doesn't buy timed exclusives alright either they buy the game or this case what happened was that as usual the developers had a hard time with the game on the ps3 and thats why they are releasing it months later just like with eternal sonata

Fan Tastic4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Truth is however that M$ does pay and they pay quite well.

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The story is too old to be commented.