Wii: Need for Speed Carbon - 1st Wii screens

Leipzig Games Convention : have posted up the very first screens of Need For Speed Carbon on Wii.

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CAPS LOCK5375d ago

i always see that samsung tv everywhere, like in arcades and where ever a 360 is connected, like in the game store, so it must be good...soryy i am more interested in the tv.

kewlkat0075375d ago

whats up with that? even on PS3 shot; as we know Ms is using them screens to promote the 360. I would imagine sony using thier xbrs...hmm, I wonder why?

FreeMonk5375d ago

Samsung TV's are good, but no match for a Pioneer or the new Panasonic 600 series.

They are excellent TV's!

I wish the Wii was HD, surely it couldn't be that hard!

ChickeyCantor5375d ago

BUT THEN THE PRICE WOULD GET HIGHER en DEVS needed more time to tweak there projects and that would cost them more money.