KILLZONE 2 Motion Ideas

Ever since Sony showed off the SIXAXIS controller in motion for the first time, I don't believe the media has been quite convinced of it's capabilities. We've seen some 2nd and 3rd party developers taking advantage of the controller's motion capabilities, but to a very limited extent(with the exception of LAIR).

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Fan Tastic6129d ago (Edited 6129d ago )

No need to screw around with gimmicks. This is the one area Sony f'd big, should have just had rumble and skipped the entire suxassis crap.

edit: below, you are right I'm sure. Still just don't force motion on us unless it actually makes sense like shaking an enemy off like in Resistance.

Clinton5146129d ago

It's safe to assume that rumble will have already arrived to the PS3. Not much to worry about in regards to that.

Maddens Raiders6129d ago

Have you played -----> Heavenly Sword? The use of motion - sense (touchsense) is SUPERB. I'm somewhat of a rarity I guess because I also think it's good in LAIR and Go Sports!Ski. Don't knock it just yet -- it was a good idea at first and still needs to be used when done properly in games. It can be done.

Fan Tastic6129d ago

With the right dev it could be good, like Insomiac has proven. I'm just turned off by forced inclusion that some games seem to have.

Haven't played Heavenly aside from the demo.

PopEmUp6129d ago (Edited 6129d ago )

Do you really know what next gen gaming is really about? Let me tell you what it really about experience gaming in new way, a way that you haven't experience from eh previous and that include the look the visual, style of the game play and most all the way that let you control or play the game (like wii) so as you see x-box 360 is last gen in gameplay and next gen in graphic where as ps3 are both next in graphic and next gen in gameplay so as the wii but only in gameplay not graphic

jaja14346129d ago

God I love how game times decrease.

HS was what 10 hoursish then the boys turned it into 5 hours.

Halo 3 is about 10-15 hoursish and now somehow its 4.

Not to sure why you think saying a game is X amount of time is going to make any difference whats so ever.

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Mikey_Gee6129d ago

Some dude today told me KZ was cancelled . I was like WTF, this is ONE game I want to play on my PS3 when I buy it.

Can anyone confirm this cancellation as BS ??

TheExecutive6129d ago

The guy was lying. KZ2 hasnt been cancelled.

EZCheez6129d ago

I won't even bother looking for proof. And slap some common sense into said dude the next time you see him.

Mikey_Gee6129d ago

... the dude was a guy I was chatting with in the SONY STORE.

I hope he is full of $hit

bym051d6129d ago

Warhawk (vehicle control) and Heavenly Sword (arrow and thrown item control) both use the SixAxis very well.

DeadIIIRed6129d ago (Edited 6128d ago )

But I have to disagree with the motion controls in warhawk. Some people may be able to use it, but its just too difficult for me to stop and get use to.

I swear for some reason I had the hardest time learning to use it at first so I was just like, well I know how to use the analog so I switched.

akaFullMetal6129d ago

the motion sensing for the warhawks are great, first thing when i got the game, i put on the motion sensing so i would get use to the game with the sixaxis instead of the analog controls, that way wheni was use to the game in analog mode, sixaxis wouldnt feel weird, did you do this dead red???
but yea its like 2nd nature playing with the sixaxis now in warhawk, i have no problems and really helps out on shooting and locking on other warhawks, god i love it

games4fun6129d ago

i like how the last sentence uses lair as the poster boy for motion how about warhawk that uses motion very well wait that's a good game better not mention it.
Anyway i understand the fear that the gameplay can be ruined (lair) so they should just use it if it makes sense dont push it just use it when it can add a little extra finesse to the game

EZCheez6129d ago

I hope for ONCE they just forget about how to implement motion control and worry about making the game as best as they can. Here's to NO motion control in KZ2.

Every game i've played so far with motion control feels as if it's forced, and just not natural. In fact, I don't know if it will ever feel natural.

Besides, if I really wanted to put that much effort into playing games, I would have bought a Wii. I bought the PS3 so I could sit my lazy ass down in front of my TV and do all of my planet saving, car driving, gun shooting stunts in comfort. Who would want to do all that flailing around of the arms after a hard day's work?

mentalboy116129d ago

they just need to make it so the game doesnt have anything revolving around motion control, it should just be extra stuff. like melee attacks, you flick the controller(dont throw it) and you do a melee attack like in call of duty 3 or tilt the controller to the right to peek around corners(MGS4 is doing that). simple stuff like that.

Sevir046128d ago

as an option it was good and used well. motorstorm did it well when you spent time doing it. and of course you probably havent played HS. it was pretty good in hs as camera panting and throwing the enemies and firing arrows was perfect. and FolkLore is one of the best uses for motion uses. very awesome