Hyperkin 3DS rechargeable battery promises 20 hours of non-stop play

Hyperkin's Nintendo 3DS rechargeable battery will allow you to play your Nintendo 3DS for up to 20 hours, claim its makers, and for just $9.99.

The Nintendo 3DS' original battery will power the system for between 3-5 hours when 3D and brightness are both on full.

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Jio2979d ago

Sounds way too good to be true

crxss2979d ago

i'll definitely get it if someone tests and posts the results, wonder if it's 20+ battery life lasts over a year of use.

does 500 extra mAh make that big of a difference?

Jio2979d ago

It makes about an hours difference. Which is why I'm so skeptical.

HolyOrangeCows2979d ago

No! It's true, man! Just turn off the 3D effect, turn down the lighting all the way, stay at the menu, tear off the screen so that it doesn't waste power, and don't press any buttons.

Voila! 20 hours!

Seriously, 20H continuous play is ridiculous. I doubt it does even half.

kyl2772979d ago

Turns out its also the worlds first micro fusion generator. Either too good to be true or it will be massive.

Apotheosize2979d ago

I'm not sure I get this. The Battery costs 10$ and gives 20 hours of batterly life, yet Nintendo wasnt able to implement it ?

RyuCloudStrife2979d ago

Good point surely sounds too good to be true, as said above, but I'll surely bite if it is true. lol

rezzah2979d ago

Sounds cool, hope it is what they say. Also hope the NGP ends up getting something like this cause in the end everyone is happy.

gemc6662979d ago

20 hours of non-stop play = your head explode (with 3d on)

RyuCloudStrife2979d ago

that beautiful wonder nintendo made for us

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The story is too old to be commented.