Ridge Racer 3D - 3DS Review [Game Revolution]

As one of the privileged few titles launching with Nintendo’s 3DS, Ridge Racer 3D gets the chance to show off its three-dimensional chops and remind us all just how important depth perception is to driving. Sure, you could speed around in two dimensions—just like Superman could spend the rest of his life as Clark Kent—but that extra dimension is a potential game changer for the racing genre.

~Jesse Costantino, Game Revolution

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dbjj120882979d ago

Seems like this would be a good title to show off the 3D with.... Can't justify $40 only for that though.

Sev2979d ago

Agreed, I was hoping for at least one stand out title that wasn't Street Fighter IV which I already own like 5 times over.

Sev2979d ago

I really can't even think about the Ridge Racer franchise without thinking of Kaz Hirai's "Riiiiiidddgggeee Raaaaaccccerrr".

Volpone2979d ago

Seems like yet another reason to wait a little while longer before getting a 3DS.

samurailincoln2978d ago

This has to be my favorite racing game of all time. So glad it's back.

insertcoin2978d ago

This game plays exactly as you think it does. Ridge Racer to the max!