Pilotwings Resort 3DS Review [Game Revolution]

But back in the here and now, Pilotwings, like the rest of us, is starting to show its age. No longer the spry showcase of fantastical flights of fancy, this game feels like an old codger who just wants to relax on the titular resort and get swept up in the memories of the good old days. If you played Pilotwings 64, it’s remarkable how much of the style and mechanics of that game were neutered for this one. 15 years later and Pilotwings Resort is lacking much of what its predecessor had – which wasn’t a whole lot to begin with.

~Josh Laddin, Game Revolution

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dbjj120882980d ago

Tried this at GDC. What a let down.

Sev2980d ago

Yeah? That's so disappointing to hear. I was such a big fan of the N64 Pilotwings.

Oh well, this review just saved me $40. Must. Resist. Urge to buy...

samurailincoln2980d ago

I think this is the first time that the Nintendo first party launch title was the worst of the bunch. Too bad.

stormeagle62980d ago

I see you talking shit about Luigi's Mansion! Don't let me catch you again.