StrengthGamer: SOCOM 4 Beta Impressions Holy Sh** a Cover System!

Anthony Accinelli writes "If you are one of the few, I mean... many Playstation 3 players who subscribe to Playstation Plus, you are most likely playing the SOCOM 4 Beta as you read this. While many of you probably read that last sentence and thought, "Ha, if I could play it I certainly wouldn't be reading about it", you might be surprised. Turns out there's not a whole lot to like about SOCOM 4."

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Winning4454d ago

Yea I don't like the friendly fire. Just came out of a game half an hour ago or so and some little boys(could hear them laughing)were attacking me as the bomb tech. But that's when I like vote to kick.

Agree about the movement with DS3, the reticule struggles to keep up with someone who is running or strafing. I spend a lot of time in prone.

Otherwise I'm having a blast!

Tapewurm4454d ago

I love this Beta and can't wait for the 19th myself.

dkgshiz4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

4 some people are butt hurt over you buying it. Probably those old ass Socom vets. The only people who hate this game are the Socom vets. If you ask any people who are in the beta they all agree its better then the past games.
@ Takoulya-? Rehashed from what?

Takoulya4454d ago


Who can't admit that rehashing a game with the same mechanics with only better graphics is not called a new game.

pixelsword4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

@ Takoulya:

Dozens of games do it; especially one of my favorite game series that pretty much didn't change: Halo. Halo 2 on up to Reach pretty much didn't change overall in terms of gameplay.

If it ain't broke, then there's not much of a reason to fix it. That's like saying a racing game that did everything right is not a new game because although they did everything right the first time around, they should have changed something the second time.

I'm not saying that there's no room for improvement for SOCOM 4 (there is from what I've seen/heard), but a lot of the the die-hards seem to like it. That's what sucks for betas nowadays: too many n00bs and not enough vets.

NoOoB1014454d ago

Better than the past games?? lol umm no..maybe the people who never played the old socoms excluding confrontation. As for the old socom vets..they complain because zipper screwed them over for the cod type fanbase to make it easier. Socoms always been about the skill and learning curve..not respawns and airstrikes and noob friendly. If you like those games then go play one that's already made and not complain that Socom is too hard -_-

As for Socom 4..its a good game though. I like it a lot..but to say its better than S2..well almost anyone who has ever played S2 will laugh.

kaveti66164454d ago

"If it ain't broke, then there's not much of a reason to fix it. That's like saying a racing game that did everything right is not a new game because although they did everything right the first time around, they should have changed something the second time.

I'm not saying that there's no room for improvement for SOCOM 4"

Then what was the point of that paragraph where you implied... never mind.

nveenio4453d ago

I played a little the other day, and I had fun. My only complaint was that entering cover could use a little work. Sometimes you get next to something and have to twitch around for a sec before you can get into cover. They really need to tweak that. It leaves you really vulnerable.

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Panthers4454d ago

Friendly Fire is an essential part of Socom. But then again this isnt Socom so they should remove that as well.

And those old ass Socom vets experienced the best online game ever made. Should you really blame them for wanting to play it more, just with better graphics? I would just go play Socom 2, but its rampant now with cheaters. (since it got hacked)

HolyOrangeCows4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

If I get killed by another cross-map grenade spamming, I might just scream.

ThanatosDMC4454d ago

Change your turning speed and pitch. Press Start. Go to control options.

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PimpHandHappy4454d ago

it feels like Uncharted 2 with military skins. Is that a bad thing? For me, yes. For the rest of the gaming population? Well, I think the sales numbers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops can answer that.

the perk system and the ease of getting a kill can answer that... COD is fun but also junk at the same time.

oh and this
Third person shooters never seem to move all that quickly, but SOCOM 4 just seems slow.

i have not played 40 hours but yes it does move much slower then COD.. The only game other then Uncharted mentioned for comparison.. Its MUCH faster and smoother then Uncharted!!

COD is a arcade shooter
Socom is a pro's shooter

TronEOL4454d ago

Oh it doesn't feel like Uncharted 2 in the slightest. In fact, when it comes to gameplay, Uncharted 2 is FAR superior. The animations are infinitely smoother in U2 and more attractive.

The only reason I'm saying this is because your comparison was very wrong. Since if you use that it'll give people the wrong impression. There is no climbing and the action is much, MUCH slower than U2. I'd never want to sell Socom 4 to Uncharted fans.

My main problem with Socom 4 is that playing it is like watching paint dry. The rounds take forever and then some to end, especially when it consists of 1 v 1 on a huge map with them just camping on each side until the 30-seconds-left mark. Besides that, the gameplay feels very ugh. Like... UGH. My brother was watching and ended up walking away because he got so bored.

I'm not bad at Third Person Shooters. I've always had a KD/R of at least 2:1. But in Socom 4 I always found myself struggling to wits end with those controls.

I honestly deleted that beta off my PS3 in the same day I downloaded it and played it. Not even worth the space on my console although I am interested in the Single Player so this may just be a rent for me.

pixelsword4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Well, SOCOM is all about realism. Realistically, you would be moving slow, so slow action/movements are standard in a game like this.

You want fast movements? Play Uncharted, but do so realizing that a cool, wrinkled, half-tucked t-shirt is not bulletproof. A ballistic vest is bulletproof, but you may just move a little slower, especially since in theory of the scenario there is a battlefield full of people that can shoot their initials into it before you hit the ground from the first shot.

BattleAxe4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Socom 4 is not a true Socom game, and its clear that Zipper doesn't give a shit about their community. They should have called it SOMAG 4. R.I.P. Socom...

On a side note, theres a petition for a Socom 2 HD remake on the Playstation Blog:

Seraphemz4454d ago

Ever heard of a...Beta?
You do know that this isn't the final product....

sickbird4454d ago

no bud this is the final game, what do you think is going to change?

He's right zipper didnt care about it community while making this game.

dougr4454d ago

Well for one, the Beta is for the most part the game we are going to get, but if you listen to there latest podcast they are going to be trying to implement more of the classic features, such as pushing the camera back, grenade arc, dot on the crosshairs, etc.

Panthers4454d ago

Well those things would help, but my god I hate the sprint in this game. They made the characters move extreamly slow, so you are forced to sprint to get anywhere.

Seriously, Socom 2 HD would be so freakin awesome at this point. I always tried to be positive about new Socoms releasing, but I am sick of it. I want Socom 2 back.

TronEOL4454d ago

Actually, he does have a point.
If you played the Socom 4 Beta, you could draw the similarities. The first thing my brother said when he sat down to watch was that it looked like a 3rd Person MAG.

Almost like how there is a 3rd Person mode in MW2, except they're charging you $60 for making 3rd Person Playlists and giving it a story mode.

redDevil874454d ago

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Socom 2 HD petition. Seriously you Socom 2 fanboys needs to let it go.

Since Socom 2 came out gaming has changed, people have changed, the industry has changed.

Why would zipper release Socom 2 HD when they could create a whole new Socom game? People forget that developers are like creators in any other field. They want to create new things, gain new fans, expriement in new ways. Re-doing an old Socom game in HD would not only be a waste of talent but also alienate a huge market of gamers.

sickbird4454d ago

Because they have forgotten how to make a socom game.

dougr4454d ago

Why do you care if there is a Socom remake? It has no effect on you, yet you laugh at the thought of it. Why would it hurt to give players another third person shooter to play. God of War was remade, I doubt you opposed that, it seems that the people who appose a Socom 2 remake are only doing it for the sake of arguing with those who want it.

redDevil874454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Who are you guys kidding, your still going to buy the game and play the crap out of it. Just like Confrontation.

Btw i'm not arguing for the sake of arguing, i'm arguing because this would just be stagnating the franchise. At least with the GOW collection GOW3 followed it. With Socom your going back all those years. Its a step backwards, not a step forwards. Gaming has to continue to change and evolve, not get stuck in the mud.

I made a thread in the forums asking vets why Socom 2 was so good, feel free to leave your thoughts:

Panthers4454d ago

Those who truly experienced Socom 2 in its glory days understand that there is not a single game that comes close to how awesome that game was online.

I could write a ton here, but I will just say that game had the best mix of tactics and skill necessary to win. It also had the best community of players any online game has seen. Ever since Halo 2, online games have been rampant with annoying kids and ass holes, but Socom 2 was mostly mature young adults who were very respectful and just wanted to have a good time.

So yes I am holding on to the past, because it was the biggest highlight of my gaming career and I truly miss it.

dougr4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

How does it stunt development and how is it a step in any direction. Making Socom 2 HD isn't a statement or anything like that, it is just giving people a game they would enjoy. Also who is to say that the Socom 2 style isn't a step in the right direction? Maybe going back to a more difficult shooter is what is needed in the market to be unique, because lets face it, Socom 4 is way easier than Socom 2. All I know is I want both, sure I'd probably play more of 2 for the time being, but I like Socom 4, because it is unique from the previous Socoms, however don't give us that who are you kidding you will all play the crap out of Socom 4 crap. I played Socom Confrontation for less than 20 hours total and I was a Socom guy that had spent thousands of hours on Playstation 2 socoms.

As far as you are not arguing for the sake of arguing, yes you are, because we both know that a Socom 2 remake would mean nothing to the future of gaming; which is your "reason" for arguing. You are doing exactly what I said you were doing and you know it.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4454d ago

U guys wanna play socom 2 just do it......Ill be on 4 its a good game

dougr4454d ago

I'm one of the huge Socom 2 supporters, but with that said I'd love to have both. I actually really enjoy Socom 4, sure it may not have that feel that previous games gave, and I'm talking pure gameplay. The shooting system is nowhere near as challenging as it used to be especially in Socom 2 when it was definitely a challenge to be good at that game. But overall Socom 4 is the best shooter I've had a chance to play this generation, and it is definitely a day one purchase, but I'd still like the option to play a classic game with some of my favorite maps of all time, like Fox Hunt, The Mixer, etc.

peeps4454d ago

although i agree it's more 'mainstream', can you really blame them?

end of the day they need to develop a game that will appeal to as many people as possible in order to be profitable. People seem to forget the games industry is still in it to make money.

The problem with only appealing to the 'core' socom crowd is that theres not that many of us. I dunno how many copies of socom 2 they sold but at any 1 time the most i ever saw playing online in EU was around 4000

LevDog4454d ago

They are coming out with a consolation disc with Socom 1-3.. All HD and all Online

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dougr4454d ago

I tend to think they are going to release a Socom 2 HD eventually, but they would be stupid to announce it until some time has passed after the release of Socom 4. Socom 2 HD would cut into the Socom 4 sales for sure, so I think they will let people buy that game and then announce and release Socom 2 sometime this year, maybe in the fall.

peeps4454d ago

well i love it. Been playing socom since the first game released and i had to buy the oldschool network adapter for the ps2.

This game isn't socom 1/2 however it does still have that socom feel. It's also leaning a bit into GR:AW territory.

it's just refreshing to play a tactical shooter again, one that isn't about camping for killstreaks and sprinting round a map spraying an smg.

There are a few rough edges but I've heard that a few of my complaints have already been fixed and should there when the game releases.

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