Gaming Irresponsibly Review - Turtle Beach DX11 Headset

Gaming Irresponsibly does a hardware review for the Turtle Beach DX11 Headset

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agentxk2976d ago

Great headset. I still have to work out the kinks from the amp.

socomnick2976d ago

I just got some Astro A40s and astro mix amp over 2 days ago. Absolutely amazed by the quality and sound fidelity.

agentxk2976d ago

I'd really like to take the a40s for a spin. Gotta work with what I have though.

y0haN2976d ago

They make the graphics better!

airhorn952976d ago

My only question is how much better are they then x41s that I bought a year ago.

dkgshiz2976d ago

I bought some Trittons last year. Easily the best headsets in my opinion.

r1sh122976d ago

yea trittons n astro are the best.
Ive got ax pro's and astro A40's.
I do try to get hold and test out other headsets as much as possible to give advice to others.

byeGollum2975d ago

now we got DX11 headsets? O_o lol