Are DLC's Killing Gaming?

More and more games are being released with the "option" to purchase downloadable content for video games, and developers are cashing in on the extra money pouring in from online transactions from both the Xbox marketplace and Playstation Store. Is this a service that gamers really want?

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GodofwarGoty2976d ago

some are and some are making it better i dont know but thats how i see it

iPad2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

DLC should be free no matter how you see it.

hiredhelp2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

AGREED'' we pay good money this should be content in the game. microsoft started this shit. the devs saw potential money making. its sad very sad that this wont stop now as many gamers go ahead buy it.

give me reasons to enjoy games like to old day's challanges that unlock new level's weapons. ect.

na lets keep them extra maps realese them after a month for a nice price.

by the way how much is $7.99 or £7.99 = by say 2000 cos that like a pritty good example of what these devs make on this content from you guys.

tacosRcool2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Free it should be so agreed. That is why I like PC gaming but the PC gaming as I know it is going the way of the dodo and this new consolized PC is making me quite upset. Another reason why I buy GOTY Editions

If they want to constantly release DLC then like the THQ guy, just make the games much cheaper like $30-$40.

Also why don't they ever have true expansions in the games nowdays? It's the little crappy DLC just to take your money away.

MTEC82976d ago

What really pisses me off are "DLCs" that are already packed in the disc, when you pay and go download the DLC and the file is only 10kb.....WTF. Just paid 5 bucks for unlocking something I already bought. Overall DLCs are killing gaming, map packs only separate the online community. There are small portions of DLCs that are actually legit, its up to the gamers to decide.

truehunter2976d ago

Agree mainly capcom.

Tho there are some DLC update the game 1st hand as a data. Then again these developer think ahead of time of DLC.

jessupj2976d ago

Personally I think the idea of DLC content can be a good thing, but the execution by many many developers is disgusting. And here in Australia, not surprisingly, we get screwed over again. A $10 piece of DLC from the US PSN store usually costs between $17-$20 on the Australian store.

I would not have a problem if that $15 DLC extended the game by 5-10 hours, but most DLC is just pathetic.

Take a lot of Dragon Age: Origins DLC. The Warden's Keep and Return to Ostaga, both $9 and lasted 1 hour each.

I could easily afford the DLC for all the games I play but I refuse out of principle, so unfortunately I am usually playing an incomplete game thanks to the greed of developers. And it infuriates me when on release day their is already DLC for the game.

Why buy a game on release day when you know later on a re-release of the game will come will all the DLC included for the same price.

But thanks to many people buying DLC it will not stop.

I understand they need to recoup their losses from used game sales, but this is not the answer.

s8anicslayer2976d ago

$15 for 3 maps is absurd! Most DLC is a ripoff and Dev's and publishers know it but don't give a rats ars!

gorebago2976d ago

More is better and none of it is mandatory so I don't understand how it could be "killing" gaming. I game more now than I ever did.

Nate-Dog2976d ago

I think the main prepice of it is though that nowadays it isn't "more", it actually ends up the same amount for the player but with the player spending more. Companies will make a game, and then probably actually take out part of it so they can sell it on later on for extra monies (for example maps in FPSs, missions in RPGs or action/adventures).

It's a bit of a double-edged sword; there can be some good and valuable DLC (such as some of the Mass Effect 2 mission DLCs), and there can be really poor DLC that is clearly an attempt at just gaining a quick buck (such as the Assassins Creed 2 DLC or really any CoD map-pack DLC.

gorebago2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

What kills me is the announced dlc for mk. The new fighters and all that could have easily been released with the game so I do agree.

I learned that sometimes it's good to rush through a game, sell it and buy the game of the year version later with the included dlc.

In regards to map packs, I guess if people put in alot of time with the mp, like I did with both cod:waw amd mw2, then it ends up being worth it. It's $3 per map and you put almost ten hours on it over time.

The assassin's creed missing segments, subsequent dlc release is bs. I never did play those levels.

Winning2976d ago

If a game I like has worthy DLC, I'm buying it plain and simple. Gaming is my only hobby. It's where my money goes after the bills.

DLC milking you say? I say the more the merrier.

crzyjackbauer2976d ago

my problem is when developers decide to charge for dlc even before the game is not even out yet
example Battlefield 3, Mortal Kombat, MVC3

plan dlc after the relese, see what players want
dont pull random maps or characters from the original game and then sale them one month after the release

Rampaged Death2976d ago

Not at all. It's up to the gamers if they buy the DLC or not.

ThanatosDMC2976d ago

The problem people see is that these contents should have been on the disk rather than take them out to be sold on launch or later in the weeks.

Prime example of DLC milking is Dragon Age 2.

SnakeMustDie2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

You forgot Capcom and their costume locked in-disk DLCs. Not to mention they cut off the beginning and ending of DR2 and sold them as games.

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