Who will be the 800-pound gorilla of digital convergence?

Way back in the dark ages--before cell phones, reality TV, or social networks--there was big iron. In those archaic times, computers were actually used for computing, as opposed to watching porn or idiotic video clips. The computing giants of the day included IBM, Digital Equipment, Unisys (the marriage of Sperry and Burroughs), Data General, and Wang Laboratories.

The transition to personal computing and networking changed all that. IBM and Unisys survived by refocusing on services. The others didn't fair so well. Markets change. Companies that change with them survive. Those that anticipate change do better still. Those that resist change or change too slowly go the way of the dinosaur.

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Maddens Raiders4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

we are making and witnessing the changes of the future. We are actually helping to shape it with our purchasing decisions, opinions, influence on others and consumers of things like Blu-ray, Surface technology, HD-DVD, IPTV, the CELL, HD tellys, D-downloads, etc.

This is a very exciting time to be alive.

ghettocheeze4030d ago

1. Sony is actively developing it's own virtual world called "Home".
2. Google is also working on a 3D based world being beta tested at Arizona State.
3. Microsoft is trying make everything "Live".

All 3 know the the next big thing is going to be virtual worlds and they need to get in on it especially after with the business model pioneered by SL and the use virtual currency. Think about instead of spending millions on the next big tech startup, you create a world where others create stuff and communities and you get paid no matter what. The MySpaces and facebooks will be extinct soon because the business model is too hard to monetizes.