Crytek Team Member Tweets About DirectX 11

A recent rumor has hit the net regarding a DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 incoming tomorrow. While the date has yet to be confirmed, DirectX11 is definitely coming at some point as a Crytek employee has recently tweeted the following: "Cooking some great DX11 tech bits for C2 fans, be patient guys. All I can say, is that we have 16 ms or more to have fun with pc hardware..."

a_bro4566d ago

at least we know its coming..

bumnut4565d ago

If it is coming so soon why didn't they pull their thumbs out of their asses and release it with dx11?

a_bro4565d ago

thats what happens when you turn your back on the PC fanbase just to appeal to consoles.

their main focus was on consoles. main reason why the PC version is pretty limited. no advanced settings? i have never EVER seen that in PC games before.

xtremegamerage4566d ago

If you had mlaa on PS3, you'd have 15ms to play with:)

MrGunny944565d ago

Ye ye show your dear PS3 that will only run 24 players on BF ahhhh poor baby

hennessey864565d ago

and since when do you need more than 24 players, ive been having alot of fun with crysis 2 and thats 6v6. I am really happy for you pc gamers i really am but im happy with 24 players and if i want more i will play mag and yes i do realise it looks like dog poo but its still afun game and its not all about graphics. well for some ps3 owners its not.

BeastlyRig4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

It's easy to say that!! Aslong as you don't go from 64 to 24..

It's like when I used to be fine with SD & now Im used to HD! I can't go back now.. But I feel u!

just make sure you never play the pc version teh go back home to play the ps3/360 versions.. you will feel underwhelmed..

I advise stay away from the pc at all cost for your own good.. :) some are complaining about resistance 3 having 16 players though. (:

byeGollum4565d ago

large Player count doesn't = better multi-player

xtremegamerage4565d ago

I have the option, PS3/PC.


Kon4565d ago

Direct linking to the twitter page.... What the fuck??? Where is the tweet?

plb4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

It was removed this morning. Check mycrysis forums too. They are deleting threads with all references to that rumor regarding dx11 patch too though they did say a patch is incoming later this week to stop pirates and such from playing. Not sure what else the patch will include.

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