Gamersheep: Socom 4 Beta Impressions/Gameplay

Although the beta has been out for over a week now, Playstation Plus users were finally granted access this Tuesday. Check out the video as I give you my thoughts about the beta and the current state of the game.

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BakedGoods2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

...Once I finished the download and actually played it---wow. If Zipper can keep the quality up and tweak a couple things I may have found a new day one.

FrigidDARKNESS2979d ago

i played the beta and didn'y enjoy it all...its a campers game aka a campfest.

Takoulya2979d ago

Not really... if you're playing Classic, then of course people are going to think twice before rushing. SOCOM with no respawns is supposed to be with a clan.

crzyjackbauer2979d ago

looks a lot like Gears of War
but the cover system is going to ruin this game
way to sell out zipper just make a 3rd person COD

BrianG2979d ago

What is wrong with a cover system in what is supposed to be a tactical shooter?

This isn't COD, some people play it that way, but its supposed to be about team work and tactics.

I played it for a few hours earlier and it felt good all around.

But opinions are opinions. It def does feel upgraded from games like MAG and Confrontation. I wasn't expecting it to be this good.

Ray1862979d ago

What the view and cross hairs should look like.

Bathyj2979d ago

The game looks nice, but am I correct that there will be a single player campaign with AI team mates to give orders to?

Anyone know how big the SP is?

blusoops2979d ago

u will have 4 squadmates with u thru out 14 missions in sp.
then there will be 5 player co op.
and of course the 32 player mp.

Leonesaurus2979d ago

This game is fucking AWESOME! Playing it with my cousins right now. If they both pic it up, I'll pick it up Day 1 also. Outstanding beta so far, with only a few things that need to be tweaked.

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