A Few Ways To Be "Good" In COD: Black Ops (ObnoxiousGamer)

Everyone who has played Call of Duty: Black Ops for the X-Box 360 has run into "that guy". What I mean by "that guy" is the guy who uses a silenced Famas, Ghost, Ninja and Sleight of Hand. Or The Pro-Tube guy, who never ceases to find where you are located, and always seems to beat you to the shot with such well aimed shots they'd make Jude Law blush (bare with me, Enemy at the Gates reference). Although I am no means an expert or a pro-players, I know the ways of the "Good" players. So, here are a few ethical, and less then moral tips on raising your K:D and becoming "the guy"

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BeaArthur2981d ago

If you can't find a way to be decent in any Call of Duty game you should just stop playing games online.

zeddy2981d ago

im already good at cod and i dont even try and i dont understand why kids stil play even though they get smashed every match.

OdinFallen2981d ago

I find the best way to be good is to simply not play it anymore. Black Ops was fun for a few weeks but I've simply grown tired of the reiterated hash that is CoD. I want something new and fresh from the series. Something that just blows my mind and brings the multiplayer to an entirely different level.

Aside from that, the Famas seems to be the gun of choice of late.