PALGN's Top Ten of Last Gen

PALGN writes;
"While there are still quite a few games being released for the PS2, the focus has definitely shifted to the next generation of machines and handhelds, so we here at PALGN felt pretty confident declaring the generation over. We certainly don't expect any more 'game of the year' contenders to be released on the older machines from now on, and so we thought the time was right to take a look back over the era and decide which games were the finest released."

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MK_Red4492d ago

WTF!? Original Devil May Cry HAS to be among top 10 last-gen games as well as Burnout 3.

InMyOpinion4492d ago

Final Fantasy XII was much better. I liked IX better than X as well even though it was for PS1.

LeonSKennedy4Life4492d ago

God of War above Devil May Cry??? Who wrote this?

Metroid Prime? The only good one in the series is Corruption!


ASNNetworks4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

Final Fanasy X 100% in top ten, my first PS2 game and one of the best I had...And I had a looot of games(not that I have bought them, or anuthing;))...And ofcourse GTA SA, one of the best games...

Imalwaysright4491d ago

WTF is FFX doing there???? Is the worst game ive ever played: boring characters, boring combat system and really boring story!!!! FF9 for PS1 completely pawns this game and FFXII is 100 times better!!!!! Crappy very crappy list at least God of War, RE and Colossus are in there. PES should be in there as well