GC: Flagship's plans for Hellgate

There's still a while to wait until Flagship's rather fancy looking PC title Hellgate: London hits the shops - but according to studio boss Bill Roper, they've already got big plans for developing the franchise further.

In a speech delivered at the Leipzig GCDC, Roper said: "In expanding your empire, there are a few different areas you can go. Obviously, there's other games - you've got additional platforms. If you're building the game on PC, you can think about how it's going to potentially apply to console games, or cellular, or arcade."

So does that mean we can expect to see console, arcade and mobile phone versions of Hellgate? Well, "Those are things we think about all the time with the Hellgate IP," according to Roper - so it certainly seems possible.

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RelloC5373d ago

The realease of this is going to piss my wife off soo much. D2 flashbacks begin...