Why Call of Duty doesn’t need to be a subscription-based game [MEGamers]

A Call of Duty MMO? Why is there a need when it is a subscription-based game already?

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Wizziokid2978d ago

people would still pay for it if it had a subscription, for some reason people thinks its an amazing FPS, can't see why myself but each to there own.

Queefy_B2978d ago

I agree wizzookid, can you imagine paying a subscription to blackops and the state of those servers :/

jeseth2977d ago

I think paying for online would actually be the straw that breaks the camel's back for a lot of people getting frustrated with the COD franchise.

Merivigian2978d ago

I can barely stand to play CoD as it is haha.. I think I'm going to stick with Guild Wars 2 when it comes out, looks and sounds way better than a CoD mmo, and it has no subscription.. Arenanet has my money.

moe842977d ago

They would have to give players a ton of content for it to be P2P. With Acti pulling the strings, we would probably get the same games we have now and just pay more for them.

Curious how this would affect the 360 crowd. Already paying for the XBLA, then paying again for a game...

user98412882977d ago

I just don't get why they wont make us pay more for less. I've been asking for it forever now.

GodofwarGoty2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

black ops had the best story from all call of duty games it looks like it improved by alot online still the same which isnt that bad because why change something that doesnt need to be fixed and i know there is problems like lag and some other problems like cost of map packs being over priced and all.

Paladz2977d ago

Story is mediocre, Multiplayer isn't a major improvement. The only thing they did good compared to MW2 was giving dedicated servers, nothing else. Maps are worse, guns are unbalanced & killstreaks are even more overpowered than in MW2.

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