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badz1492979d ago

I love Momotaro Dentetsu! playing it for hours upon hours when I was in Japan. I hope the series continues

Ahasverus2979d ago

Konami is known for giving (too much) freedom to its developers, I don't think this will be a problem

Nate-Dog2979d ago

I dunno, I can't vouch for many other sides of Konami but in regards to the MGS sides they have often pulled certain strings Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions would have preferred them not to, such as making Kojima make Portable Ops a canon game, and the Rising series. But like I said I can't judge for every other side so perhaps I should keep mum.

Ahasverus2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Oh I didn't know about it :O and as far as I know Kojima is the most "free" KOnami developer because he produces his own games so the financial risk is his not Konami's however I understand your point you never know with these companies :P HOwever I remember Castlevania, Silent Hill and Hard Cops developers praising Konami for the lot of freedom they gave to them for treating its IP's so.. I dunno xD

Nate-Dog2979d ago

Lol I suppose all companies have certain things they're willing to be a bit more loose about and some things they just want to regulate. :P

anasurimbor2979d ago

I didn't know this series was going on still. The PC Engine game was pretty fun.