Prey 2: first scans from Spain

The Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas has published an article about the new FPS Prey 2, including the first images of the game. Here they are.

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Akatosh Fury2978d ago

Hobby Consolas is the spanish EDGE

Perjoss2978d ago

title does not make sense because of the typo.

Johandevries2978d ago

Because of stupid people ignoring my report

neural2978d ago

John, you have to excuse me but in your report you only wrote "from": I really didn't understand what you meant and i even re-edited the news body in a more correct english (it isn't my main language). It's only because of Perjoss comment above that I finally noticed the typo in the title, and it looks like I'm unable to change it now. Maybe a little more describing report, something like "title typo: form" would have helped :)

However I apologize for the typo, too bad I didn't notice it :(

Johandevries2978d ago

I'll announce it more clearly next time. :)

Johandevries2978d ago

(El enlace no functiona aquí, no es la primera vez que lo pruebe. )

kassler2978d ago

Looks interesting. Seems to be different from the rest. Judging from the graphic style.

aviator1892978d ago

Can't wait!
Being powered by the new id tech 5 engine is a definite plus!

Kingdom Come2978d ago

The game isn't being powered by iD Tech 5, though that isn't preventing it from looking absolutely Stunning.

aviator1892978d ago

My bad, I thought it did.

I just read up on it, and you're right.
I'm sure I read it somewhere though...oh well.

danielle0072978d ago

I dunno who that Modern Warfare reject is on the cover, but the rest of the screens are absolutely amazing looking, and it definitely reminds me of the Prey I love. <3

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