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DigitalChumps: Kazuma Kiryu. For many gamers, that name doesn't mean anything, but for those of us who have played any of the Yakuza games, it's a name that we can't forget. The charismatic yakuza enforcer turned 'good guy' is a legend in the fictional Japanese town of Kamurocho. The first three games were seen exclusively from the eyes of Kazuma, but part four, which came Stateside this month, introduces three new playable characters, some gameplay and presentation tweaks, and a whole new story. Bottomline? If you enjoyed the other games, you'll love this one and must own it. If you didn't (that's a you problem), I don't think 4 will change your mind. Ready to visit Kamurocho again? Hell yeah.

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JusenkyoGuide2979d ago

yakuza 4 is just a very good game.

P_Bomb2979d ago

This might be the highest score yet. The average has gone up by like 15 points since Miller stunk up the joint. That's telling. Hopefully more people will give a great game a second chance!