Nintendo 3DS Unboxing pictures

Check out a few unboxing pictures for the North American release of the Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS.

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bobrea2974d ago

Unboxing: One of the most pointless things on the internet.

cochise3132974d ago

Yeah I always think they're pretty stupid also. I'd rather see gameplay.

BiggCMan2974d ago

I agree, check this one out though I was on the floor man.

bobrea2974d ago

Yea, I saw that a while ago. I guess it's kind of funny.

cochise3132974d ago

Lol that was funny as hell.

user8586212974d ago

Freakin best handheld ever!, bring on ocarina, kingdom hearts and mgs3 in 3D!!!! xD

Masterchef20072973d ago

Why does Nintendo have the habit of showing very few pictures of games on their boxes?

Not to mention the ads here lack any type of gameplay footage as well. I bet showing off MGS:SnakeEater then saying imagine playing this in 3D would be a good way to get people interested in the handheld.

Instead of doing that we just have some old guy looking at the screen and commenting on how great the 3D is. Just saying that Nintendo could do better with their ads.