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Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Analysis! We can finally show you our full in depth Analysis of arguably the biggest multiplatform release of all time, and that our friends is Crytek's Crysis 2 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In this Analysis we take both single player and multi-player game modes in to the fight. Will a winner emerge from this titanic battle? Find out below!"

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Tempjf2977d ago

Awesome analysis, its official Crytek rules.

PlayerX2977d ago

I don't know. Most other analysis have come out different from this one.

RBLAZE19882976d ago

There are def some issues with this analysis in terms of the framerate analysis average #'s. I was reading the comparison and I happened to notice that the math for the framerate average is off for your single player analysis on the ps3 version. They have it at 26.85 when according to the numbers on the clips it should equal 27.55. The 360 average for the same analysis is also wrong. It says 27.28 when it should be 26.21. Your MP analysis numbers seem to be of also but only by a few decimals. I posted this on their site and hopefully it was a mix-up or that they get their global fps average differently but from what I noticed the lowered the ps3 framerate average from what it should be and raised the 360 average from what it should be.

ultimate-remag2977d ago

tie.. cool.. but notice they said its the best looking multiplatform engine/game not best looking game on the ps3.. so ign n cvg needs 2 stop with their fanboyism....

come_stains2977d ago

There's no way this is better KZ3. Besides Crysis 2 is buggy as shit, it's still a cool game thou

Tempjf2977d ago

not so sure may need to see a comparison between K3 and C2..

Pixel_Pusher2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Crysis 2’s advanced graphics engine utilizes the differed rendering technique made famous with Sony’s visual juggernaut Killzone 3."

lol yeah buddy.

So not only do we get some sweet multiplats but all of the amazing Sony exclusives. WIN

sethbalmore2976d ago

"lol yeah buddy.

So not only do we get some sweet multiplats but all of the amazing Sony exclusives. WIN"

So not only do I get some sweet multiplats but all of the amazing ps3/360 exclusives. WIN. now do you see how childish that sounds? shit, and i thought people said sony had the mature gamers. try a little harder in life maybe you could afford both.

Pixel_Pusher2976d ago

"now do you see how childish that sounds?"

huh yea... that's why I said it, hello! duurrr </childishness>

And what 360 exclusives would those be exactly? Forza/Halo/Gears? Not interested.

and this video is just simply f**king cool brah


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byeGollum2977d ago

so if CVG and IGN thought Killzone 3 looked better, that makes them not fanboys? but if they think otherwise, they are? Interesting.

BigPappaPump2977d ago

Well, they have a reputation of being ps3 haters if not blatant.

Joe Bomb2977d ago

I was thinking tie the whole time. Relly good job by Crytek. I wish all devs cared as much as Crytek.

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StarScream4Ever2977d ago


*Back to Crysis 2 on PC*

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The story is too old to be commented.