Top Value Xbox 360 Games

You can’t go wrong with these great value Xbox 360 games. Here's a look at some of the best value 360 games so far.

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thrasherv32979d ago

How do you have a "Top Value" list and not have The Orange Box?

Brash_Attack2979d ago

Because $20 for 3 amazing games bundled together is obviously a rip off?

Dark_Charizard2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Orange box is the best value game dis generation!!! Well... since Metroid Prime Trilogy is out of print :o

Anyway, HALF-LIFE 2 = Greatest shooter ever created!! Surpassing Goldeneye 007 by just a bit :)

thebudgetgamer2978d ago

that's not a rip off at all.

BattleAxe2978d ago

Half Life 2 was boring, and way too long. They could have condensed that game into 10 hours.

zinger_AU2978d ago

i never played half life 2. now i feel i must

josephayal2978d ago

Quantum theory nuff said

SovereignSnaKe2978d ago

hmmm, i own 1 game on that list... it begins with an M.. :)

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