Where Is Spider-Man's Arkham Asylum? writes: Most comic book geeks have acknowledged that Batman: Arkham Asylum is without a doubt the best comic book video game to date. Rocksteady, the development team behind Arkham Asylum, created an amazing atmosphere packed with cameos and interesting pieces of Bat-history that would please any Bat-fan. With the near-universal praise for Arkham Asylum, comic book video games are now a far more profitable gamble in the eyes of the major publishers. This is a perfect time in the gaming industry for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to make his comeback.

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snookiislame2983d ago

heck where is superman's arkham assylum?

Dart892983d ago

Heck why not an Arkham asylum for every Marvel character??

Myst2983d ago

I agree with this!


HebrewHammer2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Why not a DC vs MARVEL: Arkham Asylum Metropolis City!?

Sounds a bit too much like DC Universe Online I suppose, minus the Marvel :)

Quagmire2983d ago

Where's Spawn's Arkham Asylum?

rezzah2983d ago

yea I've been waiting a long time for another Spawn game since the last one (Apocalypse) wasnt so great.

VenomProject2983d ago

Spider-Man 2 was amazing but I don't think it was on-par with Arkham Asylum. :)

HebrewHammer2983d ago

Heck, I remember being super stoked for Spider-Man 3 for PS3, with Goblin as a playable exclusive. Ah, the old PS3 days. I kinda miss not having a million great games to buy!

tigertron2983d ago

Spider-man 2 is a different game released at a different time. For 2004 it was a really great game which had me hooked for hours, despite the repetitive missions. Ultimate Spider-man was good too. However, Spider-man 3 was a total let down due to the terrible frame rate drops, glitches etc.

Rocket Sauce2983d ago

It was definitely Spider-Man 2.

People love it for the same reason they love Arkham Asylum: it really makes you feel like the title character. Swinging ridiculously fast through Times Square, running across the sides of buildings, launching yourself with was mind-blowing at the time, and I think it still is, really.

Damn, man, I suddenly really want a new Spider-Man game! Why can't they get it right anymore?

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The story is too old to be commented.