Nintendo: Reggie Named Grand Marketer Of The Year

The latest issue of Brandweek names Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime the Grand Marketer of the Year, saying that the man behind Nintendo of America preached the gospel of gaming and converted moms and the elderly into Wii addicts.

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Bigmac5734484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Who thinks this guy looked like an absolute fool during his speech at the E3 Press Conference?

"My name is Reggie, and I like to kick people's asses."

Wow, you're a total badass, marketing videogame plumbers, space marines and pocket monsters.

unsunghero284484d ago

He does seem a little bit like a guy who likes to talk the talk, but for the most part when I watch the Nintendo conferences it seems kind of like they're a family. Uncle Reggie and Uncle Satoru seem like buds, and Grandpa Shigeru always tells the best stories.

With Sony I guess they seem more like drinking buds (LBP demo anyone?) and with MS it just feels... like a conference.

Vojkan4484d ago

BIGMAC, no you are not! I was about to write same thing when i saw your post. He looked liked lost in space. E3 conference speech of Nintendo was lamest one, and he sucked big time. He spoke like robot(maybe he was trying to be funny but it was actually annoying) "I la...!" It was so ANNOYING!

LeonSKennedy4Life4483d ago

Somebody's getting paid!

He's a MORON!!!

Steve Jobs deserves this HARDCORE!

PS360WII4483d ago

well he got hired at the right time. I think anyone who got that job would of recieved this award. People just suddenly said 'hey lets buy a lot of Nintendo stuff!'

midgard2294483d ago

i hate reggie lol, he's so fake, acts like nintendo hasnt forgot bout the hardcore gamer, plzzzz, but i guess someone has to tend to the casual gamers......not really, they were fine b4 wii lol, we want more games!!!


Reggie = Reggienator

He's a pretty nice/cool guy.

Why would ya hate on him for?

Respect people and they will do the same in return that's all I gotta say so.