Gentoo/Linux Installed on Internal HDD of PS3 Slim

PS3 Hacker named "graf_chokolo" has managed to install Gentoo Linux on his PS3 Slim internal hard drive.

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kyl2772977d ago

That's cool but it serves no purpose other than to show he did it.

badz1492976d ago

so? does it run better compared to pc? I don't think so

kyl2772976d ago

That's what I just said, it's cool that he did it but it serves no purpose as it would be better on PC.

badz1492976d ago

this is pointless at best!

Raendom2976d ago

So the reason of the jailbreak - to get back removed features - has ONLY JUST come out? Proof that the jailbreak was for piracy, nothing more.

Queefy_B2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Apparantley graf owns over 100 legit games, it was people using the code to make up backup managers, he never inteded/wanted to use backups.

Tony-Red-Grave2976d ago

i hope graff gt a job a sony i mean that guy did most of the hardwork for hacking the ps3, dont get me wrong i dont support hacking, but if any hacker should work for sony it should be graff>hotz

red2tango2976d ago

you're an idiot. AsBestOS and other linux methods have already been released in the jailbreak a long time ago. This is just graf's method.

ssj2gohan832976d ago Show
MrDead2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

is that ok, putting something back on the PS3?.. I dont know.

Edit: this is a question

bozebo2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

So if it won't help people pirate ps3 games (apparently), it's only purpose is using Cell for intense number crunching without buying kit off IBM?

I had no idea that hardware hackers cared about things like that...

You can just buy a graphics card at less cost than a ps3 and run computations on that with more gflops under the hood.

Is he just trying to prove a point?

ravinash2976d ago

Is he just trying to prove a point?

Basically yes
But only that he could do it.
No real point other than that.

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