TGH: Socom 4 beta impressions

TGH writes: On March 22nd the Socom 4 beta opened to PS+ members in North America and PS+ users in Europe on March 23rd. The beta features 2 maps, Port Authority and Assault and Battery. Port Authority is a naval port filled with equipment and shipping containers, while Assault and Battery is what remains of a WWII-era coastal fort that has since been abandoned.

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ShadyDevil2981d ago

Loving the beta so far. Great stuff. Socom 4 looks like its going to be a crazy good title.

Danielmccue2981d ago

I agree but they need to have bigger consequences for team killing.

The kick system doesn't work because ibdont think a many people know how to use it.

I was playing a match today and this got on thenemy team was killing his teammates.

It should be better in the full game as there should be some kiond of tutorial for online which is missing In the beta.

Rob9462981d ago

yeah team killing is very annoying iv been shot a few times by my own teammates.

nnotdead2980d ago

team killing is annoying, but most of the time when i see it happen (or it happens to me), it seems to be an accident.

people should also say why they want to kick someone. if i see a vote to kick and don't know why, i don't know who the jerk is.

dragon822980d ago

People also need to understand that accidents do happen. If I get team killed in a match I usually just shrug it off unless it happens repeatedly by the same person. Chances are it was just an accident. I myself have accidentally team killed a couple times. In the heat of battle accidents can happen.

weazle2981d ago

I think it is a great game and most bugs will be worked out. This is what beta testing is for. No game is ever perfect, especially when first released. At least they are looking to fix the problems soon.

LevDog2981d ago

He wanted auto aim? Socom is about skill of the art of aim. Not cod easy kill

Rob9462981d ago

Im saying when I used to play FTB1 there was a auto aim feature which i liked, I still really like the aiming in the game

nnotdead2980d ago

i never played FTB1 so i have no clue what he was saying, but i agree with keeping auto aim out.

saf1007922981d ago

I'm loving the game so far but i disagree with some things he said about the beta. theres def some strategy going on at least in the games i've played.. especially bomb squad. Plus theres never been auto-aim in any of the socom titles except the psp ones simply because it didn't have two analogs.

Rob9462981d ago

it's just my opinion of the game, from what iv played I haven't seen much strategy, im still really looking forward to this game and I expect it to be a great game.

nnotdead2980d ago

the winning teams do use strategy. when i play it seems i'm either on a good team or a very bad one. less and less does it seem to be 2 competitive teams. not sure why.

the good teams coordinate their attacks, and tend to be vocal about the other teams movements. bad teams seem to be filled with a bunch of player's not knowing what they are doing. i'm guess its a lot of PS+ players just starting to play.

Danielmccue2981d ago

I think there should be some kid of skill system for making people the bomb defuser.

Alot of the time it gives it to someone who is crap for then as soon as I'm the bomb defuser we win the game because I don't go around going for kills instead of defusing the bombs.

Panthers2981d ago

I could get on board with this game if they mainly fix the camera. It is horrendous at the moment. Half the time I cant see anything. I thought Socom 1/2 had a perfect TPS camera and wish they would just use that.

nnotdead2980d ago

i agree they need to pull back the camera, but i wouldn't say its horrendous. the only time im unable to see is in the Assault and Battery map. the foliage tend to block my view a lot.

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The story is too old to be commented.