New PS3 Mortal Kombat screenshots feature Kratos

GM writes: Netherrealm Studios have released three screenshots for their upcoming Mortal Kombat game and it features the PS3 exclusive character, Kratos, the hero from the God of War series.

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psb2976d ago

I'll be getting the PS3 version just because it has Kratos in it. MK and Kratos seems like a match made in heaven.

2976d ago
RedDead2976d ago

Just got GOw Collection for €15 :) and Ass creed 2 for €10..and (don't hate me)Turok...for €7

badboy8082976d ago

Kratos and the ps3 D pad

solidjun52976d ago

Nice!!! :D
Can't wait to use him.

SwampCroc2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I agree with you Tardcore tard tard....

the_union_of_PS3602976d ago

damn is kratos always mad . he must of had a terrible childhood. the dude is given powers and has sex daily and he's still mad

qadsia1232976d ago

you should feel bad for all the MK characters there gonna get there asses whipped posiedons demise will look like a walk in the park!

Panthers2976d ago

She had one hell of a period.

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The story is too old to be commented.