Is Epic Serious About New Cole Skin? writes, "Gears of War 3 has been garnering a lot of positive attention this year, and rightfully so. However, thanks to the most recent episode of the Jace Hall Show, we've stumbled upon a rather large red flag."

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NanoSoldier2980d ago

Yes, Gears 3 will end the fanboy war.

GodofSackboy2980d ago

The console war ended with MGS4...

LightSamus2980d ago

Comments like that are what flame the fires within fanboys, don't be so daft. Both consoles have good games, both have bad.


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RockmanII72980d ago

I don't understand what the problem with it is.

StanLee2980d ago

I know. Isn't Cole supposed to be a successful, black athlete? I don't see how it's disgusting or exploitative and I'm black.

Sangheili852980d ago

It's not, At least I agree with you that I don't see the problem. Its just another website that likes to post drama to get hits.

jwk942979d ago

He kinda looks white...

Father Murder X2980d ago

That's how athletes dress. They are flashy. I am a brother myself and see no problems with it.

LoaMcLoa2980d ago

Blablalblbla stereotypes...

The skin is F'ing awesome. End of discussion!

killershadow1172980d ago

Someone needs to relized that they are not the center of the universe and that some people will think that the pimped out Cole is the best thing to ever happen in gears. I know that I think it's kinda cool but I'm no going to be using it.

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The story is too old to be commented.