Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 - Wii vs. Xbox 360 vs. PS3

With so many platforms now available it can sometimes be a little bit difficult to work out which platform should be your platform of choice for the latest game.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 will be coming to several platforms. The game will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS and the Wii.

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goodganja4486d ago

PS3 will be the superior version. Sixaxis controls plus rumble and next gen graphics offers the complete experience. 360 and Wii only offer half of a product.

360-rumble but no tilting

Wii-tilting but bad graphics

ps3-combination of both

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Snukadaman4486d ago

dont hold your breath about it being the "superior" console graphics wise either.....what version of a multiplatform game has been better. yeaa your just spreading false not a person too care about these console wars but when someone is wrong i like too point it out.

JosefTor4485d ago

Geesh... I must be missing out. I only get half a product because I don't use tilt??? You know... people will listen to you more if you reason better. I guess like Sony like Sony Gamer. Outrageous claims and arguments from the top down.

Plus... who's to say rumble is even going to be implemented for it. Plus... why would Sony add rumble... it's so last gen. haha

We should start a group of fanboy gamers where we are people that just love to game and not people who go into the other console's pages and act stupid. Why not love all three consoles? They both offer something the other console doesn't.

Daytona4485d ago

You must be smoking a little to much and your an even bigger idiot than normal.

No rumble for ps3, and suxasses only tilts head in FPV.

Close_Second4485d ago

...yet another fanboy showing that to own a PS3 you first have to become a major c*nt.

I wish this site would get rid of fanboys or only allow people to post comments against stories applicable to the consoles they own. That way I could easily filter out any comments made by fanboys against a respective console.

KnowitAll4485d ago

Ps3 off course will have a better game than the wii. I have read the page and have come up with the reasons why.

"You’ll be able to use the Sixaxis controller and tilting the controller up, down, left and right will actually turn the Superstar’s head. "

WOW!! I never knew I could have so much fun turning someones head when entering the arena!!!!

"The PlayStation 3 version of Smackdown vs Raw 2008 will allow players to experience a first person view option during the entrance for the wrestlers. During the ring entrances you’ll be able to witness the view from the WWE Superstar’s perspective."

This truely must be playing beyond

Lets look at the other less powerful versions
"The Wii version is the edition we’re most looking forward to. Players will need to use the Wii remote to pull off moves and the majority of the player’s offensive maneuvers are done by using the Wii remote. For example, if players want to chop at their opponents they simply have to swing the wii remote in a backhand motion as if they are delivering a chop"

Oh pleasse simulating moves? I can do a real chop on my grandma. *I'll go do one right now!

"You’ll even be able to wave the nunchuk and Wii remote in a downward X motion to do the famous DX taunt"

Doing different taunts by memorial and not using limited taunts with the buttons? sounds boring!!

"The Wii version will also include an exclusive main event mode. In the main event mode you’ll select which superstars you’ll have as allies and which brands you want to jump to. "

Exclusive main event mode?? Well I really don't have a comment for this. But since its not in the ps3 it surelly must suck.

Some people are just to funn.

cooke154485d ago

lol the Wii version has a lot more than TILTING lol. The Wii remote is far more advanced than the PS3 controller.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4486d ago

WHy would you want to John Cena in with some rock music? I would want the official music like it's in the real WWE.

Either way, I think this sucks and will be sucky like the last 5 versions.

xg-ei8ht4485d ago

Don't buy any of them.

Wrestling is for kids. Its all an act. Cannot understand how anyone likes this crap.

Ri0tSquad4485d ago

Last wrestling game I played was on the PS1 and it looks like its going to stay that way.

Silvia0074485d ago

the Wii still in the equation.

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