The Graveyard Gamer's Guide to Survival | GoozerNation

Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "Due to a recent schedule change at work; I’m now a proud, if not a bit reluctant, member of the nocturnal gamers’ union. Here’s the thing about working graves: your free time is at a time when nearly no one else is awake. My friends and loved ones are all asleep, as any sane person should be. Unless I want to spend time with transients at the local gas station, I pretty much have the whole night to myself."

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kewlrats2982d ago

My work schedule + the birth of my daughter changed my gaming habits as well. I now play post-midnight.

JudoChinX2982d ago

@kewlrats: one of us. one of us.

puffkix2982d ago

It's also important to get sleep during the day time (or else you might die). I remember working graveyard and not sleeping for days because I couldn't sleep with the sun beaming through my window and I couldn't sleep at night because I was working...