Gamespy: Folklore Review 4/5

The hallucinogenic storybook atmosphere is intoxicating, and the sense that you're living out some dark modern fable is reinforced by the animated comic book style of most of the cut scenes, which vary in tone from dark to sentimental to whimsical. The unusual way that the story is presented, with each character posed as if in a diorama, probably won't hook those looking for more traditional RPG twists and turns, but it is effective in its unsettling way.

Daytime scavenger hunts and chatty encounters with the dead aside, the majority of play is spent bashing the very souls from a vast menagerie of remarkably varied and inventive beasties, albeit without ever getting your own hands dirty.

Most games that involve any kind of brawling merely give the main character a bunch of attacks and a way of stringing them together into combos. In Folklore, your available arsenal starts with a pair of weak conscripts, and grows with each new foe you beat into submission, until you're commanding four out of over a hundred different creatures by tale's end. The lack of truly wide-open spaces to explore is irksome at first, but diminishes quickly as you open your eyes to all the collectible baddies there are to snap up and master.

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nasim4484d ago

4/5 for FOLKLORE

TWO WORLD's got 2/10 from them and controversially 7/10 from MS biased IGN and GAMESPOT.

FOLKLORE is definitely a great game . much better than any x360 RPG available . FOLKLORE scored higher than Blue dragon and eternal sonata even at IGN !!!!!!!

another game to ps3's stellar FALL LINEUP ---FOLKLORE


ps3 fans rejoice

ngg123454484d ago

Wait how did this happen?

toughNAME4484d ago

sry to disappoint you fanboy but...

oh well...lets move on to the next one

Ratchet and Clank?

ATLRoAcH4484d ago

Looks like the mart got a new account he joined 3 hours ago.Maybe he was banned.

Barreldragon004484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Ok lets see first take out the ones before October because they were reviewing the Japanese versions of the game and this is a game where story is a big part of the game (Helping you get more in tune with the fantasy setting) so.
GameSpy 8/10
Gamespot 7/10
IGN 9/10
PSX Extreme 8.8/10
Gamezone 9/10
GamerNode 8.5/10
Gametrailers 7.2/10
UnderGround Online B+ (I’m going to estimate around 8.8/10)
Average 8.25 I don’t know about you but that’s a pretty good score for not being a huge multimillion $ game, especially sense there aren’t too many Action Adventure RPG games coming out.

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Maddens Raiders4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

dbl post

Maddens Raiders4484d ago

Playstation people play PS3 games and this will be a great game. I played the demo from the Japanese PSstore when it was first available and it was a very satisfying experience. IGN 9/10 (for what it's worth).

The only reason Bots try to talk down on it is because Two Worlds and Blue Dragon aren't worth the packaging they come in. This game is graphically better than most of the games on the 360 period. It's a beautiful game with a fairly decent storyline and engaging action by use of the sixaxis. Players play, trolls, troll. In the end, I play games - not reviews.

ATLRoAcH4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

You got one bad ass collection man your gonna have to stop rubbin' those pics in my

Maddens Raiders4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

If you've known me for a while I normally don't post those shots very often. I just get a little ticked when some people (I won't mention any tough names) try to dictate or influence others with phony gamerankings and all of that crap. I've been gaming for over twenty years and early on we never knew what a game was ranked or what a metacritic thought and all of that; hell, we just played games and the ones we thought weren't that good we didn't play that much or sold them. I play and sell games - that's what I do, and I recommend games to others which I think are fun to play based on hands on experience or word of mouth from one of my chums.

Now to look at a stupid gameranking number for a game that hasn't even been released yet and make a decision is simply asenine. I have played the FolkSoul demo and know that this game is above board. When you play enough of these things, you tend to get a good feel for what people like and what....well, sux.

It's a solid game with beautiful graphics = a title I will play through to the finish. I recommend anyone with a PS3 to pick it up or rent it -- it's worth it.

toughNAME4484d ago

im not gunna reply
but props for cleverness...just about missed it
i really shud take u off my ignore list:P