5.0 Yoostar 2: In The Movies Review

Video Game Karaoke, a concept that is starting to resemble beating a dead horse, yet whip out a few beers and a bath full of Vodka, and suddenly everyone wants to be their own favourite rock star or singer. Rock isn’t dead man, it just requires drunkeness!

This however, is Karaoke with a twist, “Movie Karaoke” if you please, where you will re-enact some of the greatest movie scenes of all time (citation needed) in front of a television screen, for the amusement of everyone else in the room, and if you so choose, random judges on the world wide web.

Are you the next biggest hollywood superstar? No, you aren’t. But Yoostar 2 might be fun, right?

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Neko_Mega2983d ago

Great idea for a game but the fact there is small number of clips for each movies and the movies that you would think have alot..... Don't.

As I said great idea but need more clips for us to do to make buying it something we want to do.