Xbox 360 sales to see minimal impact from cheaper PS3, says analyst

All the speculation of late has been suggesting a $399 PS3 is about to hit North America, but is that enough to counter the Xbox 360 (let alone the Wii)? One analyst tells GameDaily BIZ that the new Xbox 360 bundles and continued excitement around Halo 3 will keep 360 momentum quite high.

According to Jesse Divnich, an analyst with the simExchange (an online prediction market for the game industry), Microsoft's newly announced holiday bundles (which include Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance) will lead to a slight dip in U.S. Xbox 360 hardware sales as consumers wait for the new bundles at the end of the month. The prediction market shows a decreased forecast for Xbox 360 sales in October from an expected 315,000 units down to 304,000 units.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4486d ago

It's about impact on PS3 sales. Yes they will go up.

But analyst say a lot of things that are wrong. PS3 moving in the right direction, I know that much.

Dannagar4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

I've noticed you trolling Xbox 360 news all day trying to plug the Playstation 3. I would hope that Playstation 3 would sell better at $399. Plus it will be the start of the holiday season. All in all, it's going to be fun to watch how the market changes this Holiday. Exciting eh??

Theo11304486d ago

That you didn't paste your little rant this time

cdzie14486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

You call stripping out components to make another $100 price cut (within 4 months of the last $100 price cut) moving in the right direction?

This is a pure desperation move by Sony. EA, Sega & Capcom already told Sony they are focusing on Xbox development. Did you forget that Sony had to sell off a profitable part of the company to raise the money for this?

Hatchetforce4486d ago

simExchange, yeah they are somebody reputable...not. Every real analyst has stated that $399 was the price point Sony needed to meet. They have. Now we will see the real impact of that price point and it will be substantial. Sorry simExchange, try another line of work.

Gina-get-u4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

"PS3 moving in the right direction, I know that much"

Analysts have been nagging Sony for a cheaper sku even before the PS3 came out. There is still no statistical evidence that PS3 is moving in the right direction (40 gb isn't even out yet), and yet you already claim to "know that much." The only thing backing up your comment at the moment is, guess what? Analysts' predictions! So while your comment is probably accurate, you should acknowledge that you are just repeating what the analysts (whom you say are often wrong) have been saying for more than a year, and that you probably listen to them more than you care to admit.

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mighty_douche4486d ago

tomorrow it'll be "analyst see xbox to face massive hit..." blah blah blah... i think some people have forgot we ourselves have all become our own little analyst, screaming at each other saying how much better 'my' console is.

analyst = just a fanboy that people listen to.

wageslave4486d ago

"analyst = just a fanboy that people listen to"

Huh? Are you one of those idiots who scream and kick that reviewers are all paid off?

Analysts are paid real money in the real world to be actual experts on the industry. They are paid to write what they know.

Is every single one, right every single time? NO! Of course not, but they certainly arent goddman fanboys.

sheng long4486d ago

why do these analysts stories get approved?
one idiot says the ps3 will have sold 16m consoles by spring '08, the other says the new price won't make a difference.
here's my prediction:
everyone who reads this will have to take a dump by the end of the week.

akaFullMetal4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

in my proffessional opinion with analyst it will be two weeks ;)

WAR_MACHINE774486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Thats an excellent prediction. Maybe you should try to break into the field lol

cdzie14486d ago

Xbox 360 will be #1 this holiday even with the PS3 price drop. Why? Because the better games are on 360, plain and simple.

nasim4486d ago

wii and ps3 will fight out in JAPAN

as for NA wii might be no 1...but ofcourse a 399$ ps3 will have mega impact and can change equations

Uncharted,folklore,haze,ratch et and clank,socom confrontation,GT5 Prologue ---are all coming out this FALL vs mass effect on x360

mistertwoturbo4486d ago

with mgs4 only a few months away, it doesn't matter what games the 360 has. it doesn't have mgs4. mwahahahahahahhaa

funkysolo4486d ago

Halo3 sucks...I can't beleave you xbots fall for everything M$ says...I play and finish Halo3 in about 7 hours and can honestly say it's crap...Xbots please go play Resistance fall of man and see what a nextgen FPS should be...RFOM blows halo3 in graphics, story, gameplay, animations, design, A.I., single player is 17 hours and the only thing Halo3 can compare is multiplayer which is a tied. I'm not making this up, rent RFOM and see how epic the battles feel and how the game keeps you on your heels...RFOM got release 8 months ago and runs 720p and the framerate is as smooth as butter...There is no FPS that can compare to RFOM at the moment maybe COD4 will take the crown, but Halo3 is crap when compare to RFOM or Gears of war real nextgen games

MrWonderful4486d ago

it might have the games but the public is well aware of the faulty hardware issue. so its really up to if the consumer wants to risk getting something that might break in the first 6 months or not, and im not trying to flame cuz im on my 3rd 360

PopEmUp4486d ago

why x-box 360 become distance third this holiday because it suck that what u meant and what you said they got good game name 5 exclusive 360 that r worth beside halo 3 and bioshock where it all been release for a while so it doesn't count, so name it for me that is, not kiddie games cause it tell me that you love kids like Michael Jackson are an example

mithril4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Look closely my special edition of the XBOX, a Single game console. And in same time solve the Xbox 360 problems of scratch of DVD ;)

I think most 360 players don't realizing he can't change games lolll ;)

it's a joke , please Xbox owner, don't blast me too much hard ;)

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Nameless4486d ago

Here we go again. This site is once again in The Sony Protection Group mode. I guess now that the owner of the original site is having trouble hes paying off the owners of this site now to become The Sony Protection Group #2. Although it is fun seeing The Sony Droids act like immature 10 year old kids.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4486d ago

Downplaying the PS3 price drop. I like the role reveasal. It's usually XBOX 360 on the attack but now it's PS3

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