Bungie is still working on Halo, though not "Halo 4"

Despite some rumors that Bungie was sick of developing Halo games by now, Frank O'Connor, content manager at Bungie, said that Bungie still loves the Halo universe and, "If we [Bungie] ever return to the Halo universe, I'm sure we'd have cool stories to tell. The universe is, after all, infinite."

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drewdrakes4492d ago

Cant wait, go peter jackson :)

darthv724492d ago

I thought all this hype and stuff was supposed to be about "Finish the fight" with halo 3. you mean there will be a 4? So now my finishing the game is pointless because it looks like it will continue on to another chapter.

Here is a question...will there ever be a "FINAL" final fantasy? I am sure the guys at square are getting pretty tired of making those things.

Hooby4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

Are you goddamn blind? You didn't even read the goddamn article. You might find out that everything you just said is completley friggin wrong

darthv724492d ago

Let me apologize for offending you with my sarcasm. Although there is a valid point to possibly having a halo 4. I am sure the Peter Jackson project will be good. Hopefully the hype surrounding it wont cause it to fizzle out.

goodganja4492d ago

The halo story can be best continued through PS3. They know this and that's why they went independent.

Complete halo experience..

100GB Blu Ray Disc
1080p visuals
Freedom on server content through PSN

Cant be done on 360 only on PS3.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

smokeandapancake4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

So now that you think there's a chance halo might go multi-platform, NOW it's a good game. huh.

H I P P O C R A T 3

nobizlikesnowbiz4492d ago

I'm convinced goodganja44 is another MSFT fanboy in disguise, trying to make all the other Ps3 fans look retarded.

If thats not what your trying to do goodganja, just give up. Your really making Sony fans look dumb with your comments.

You must be smoking bobby brown sh!t to come up with your douchebaggery.

Sayai jin4491d ago

You do not understand what the so called split between Bungie and MS means. Bungie is independant as far as making new IPs/games. MS still owns all equity in Bungie. All future Bungie games will still be produced by MS Game Studios. MS has first refusal rights to the furure games made by Bungie. Which means when a new game is made MS will see the game first and have a choice to keep the game exclusivr or or if they do not want the game then Bungie can make it multi-platform or for another single console. So in other words if game "A" is allowed to go to the PS3 ir Wii (or future consoles other than MS)it would mean that Sony and or NIntendo is buyin a game from MS, since games will be produced by MS Game Studios. It would look really strange powering up my PS3 or Wii for a game and the big ol' MS Game Studio logo comes on. I know Sony or Nintendo want this, it would not make any since. Bungies top dog stated that MS will remain Bungie's priority console. MS owns everything Halo.

INehalemEXI4492d ago

Bungie is working on a Halo MMOFPS.. Wheres all the Huxley news :(

ASSASSYN 36o4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

There will never ever be a Ps3 halo Microsoft OWNS the halo series and is the sole publisher of it. And the halo movie is canned for possibly for good (tear) . And the game they may be referring to is Halo wars which is still in development.

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The story is too old to be commented.