PS3 Poll Police: Is losing backwards compatibility that painful?

The Poll Police have had their phones ringing off the hooks this week, what with the unveiling of the controversial 40GB PS3 SKU. They've gathered information, checked out technical specifications and researched pricing estimations, but they can't get a lead on the decision by Sony. Why would this happen? How can this happen? These questions are too big for one Poll Police Force to handle, so they need your help in deciphering the response to the decision in removing backwards compatibility.

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risk4027d ago

Personally...its overblown out of proportion. If they are trying to attract the 100million PS2 owners, THEY ALREADY HAVE A PS2, this is no big loss.

eXplotion4027d ago

I bought my 60GB ps3 back in april and Ive never inserted a single ps2 game disc in it. I bought my ps3 to play ps3 games not crappy old-gen games. And with games like Uncharted, R&C, COD4, etc, coming soon gamers will forget ps2 games forever.. :)

sticky doja4027d ago

Never got that chance, as I had to sell my PS2 before it came out for financial reasons. Also wouldn't hurt to go back and play some of my favorites when I get the chance, such as ICO, SotC, God of War 1 and 2, etc...I would like backwards compatability personally, but don't want to pay 500-600 for that option.

SonySoldiers4027d ago

If they want 100% BC, just purchase the 80GB version. Problem SOLVED!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4027d ago

People who buy the 40GB for 399 can't complain about games
They run right into the holiday season with exclusives like Folklore, Ratchet & Clank Future, and soon after Haze and Uncharted. I think these will all be great games.

And those are just the biggest exclusive new releases of course, the holiday brings a crap load of great multi platform games.

And then there's blu ray also. I feel like the PS3 is launching again or something. Weird.

Jeebus4027d ago

I'm tired of seeing this comment on every story.

Real Gambler4027d ago

How many times will BC come back to hit the headlines again!

There's been 10 threads on BC alone. Why would someone change his mind about it? The problem is not about one user is saying the same thing twice, the problem is the fact that there's been 10 threads on BC in the last few days!!!!

If they come out with a white PS3, will we see 10 threads about the PS3 being white again??? NOOOOOOO, the PS3 is white!!!!!! God help us, Sony is doom, they made a white PS3. For me, it's simple, you don't like the white PS3, you buy a black PS3. If you want BC, you buy a PS3 with BC.

So why do we have 10 threads talking about BC when it's that simple. You don't like the 40gig version, buy another version.

TheSMART4027d ago

Unless your a High Tech Guru then you don't mind having 2 consoles in your entertainment system.

If you don't own a PS2 by now then you are not worried about PS2 games.

If you were planning to do a trade in to save money Gamestop will only give you $30 for the slim and $20 for the big PS2.

You can get a used PS2 these days for about $30-$50.

Only 360 fans that have no intentions of purchasing a PS3 are the ones complaining about it.

If its that big of a deal buy a 20 60 or 80 GB PS3

risk4027d ago

they only say its important to bash the ps3. there is no reason for you not to have a ps2 anyways. but combining the ps2 EE/GS onto the PS3 mother board is expensive, the parts themselves might not be but the combining of the motherboard with them is. thus the price drop happend when they took it out.(who knows maybe it will come back after they make the production even cheaper)

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