New Sony PS3 to destroy Xbox and Wii?

Daniel Dawkins, editor of PSM3 Magazine in the UK, says the tide is turning and the PS3 will soon be a market leader. Dawkins predicts that the new PS3 might sell twice as many consoles in the three months to Christmas as the 60GB model has sold in the six months since launch. That would mean an enormous boom in sales, something that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) will certainly be hoping for.

"Will the new 40GB model convince people to buy a PS3? Of course. With the impending release of EA's excellent Skate, Pro Evo 2008 and Call of Duty 4 - plus system exclusives like Warhawk, Ratchet and Clank: Tools Of Destruction, Singstar and Haze, we've reached that critical tipping point where the price of hardware is low enough to justify the increasing volume of AAA games," he said.

"Backwards compatibility is only annoying in theory, and will be leaped upon by the internet's legions of Sony naysayers. But be honest, how many times did you play PSone games on PS2? In my experience: once - to see if the graphics smoothing option worked. If you really want to play PS2 games, why not turn on your PS2? Sony isn't going to steal it when you buy a PS3.

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SonySoldiers5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

Sony's new 40GB PS3 will destroy it's competitors in shock and awe!
So please do yourself a favor.. put it on your shopping list and buy the PS3 for holidays!!!
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nasim5043d ago

the 350 pound STARTER PACK (with 2 games +controller) will be selling like crazy too.

The 299 pound ps3 basically kills of wii and x360

XboxIsBad5043d ago

Most people would say "no" to buying a $600 PS3, but $400? Anyone would say yes. Get ready for a PS comeback Xbots, the storm is coming!!! PLAY B3YOND

MRMagoo1235043d ago

i cant believe that its gonna be 700 here in oz thats really cheap and i cant believe that there bringing it out here so fast 11th of october wow thats gonna sell more than a homemade sex scene of jessica alba and hayden panetierre in full HD

secret5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

Don't listen to the advise of xbots when they suggest you buy an xbox360. They're not intelligent enough to give advise. Look at their comments. Look at their Grand Point Averages. Look at the neighborhoods they live in. Look at their choices in spending money on consoles.

Most likely, if you listen to the advise of poor and dumb people, you'll only end up poor and dumb like them. Learn what NOT TO DO from the xbots.

XBOTS, why is 3x5 and 5x3 the same?

tmatte5043d ago

You say "xbots" are dumb, poor, and live in crappy neighborhoods. Yet you say to look at their "grand point averages". You, my friend, are awesome.

And what do you mean by 5x3 and 3x5? Same area?

MvC Xtrm5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

And the Fanboy comment of the year goes too.....

Haha You're funny.

Hey Xbux Terminator, say hi to your mom upstairs for me, chief. XD

sloth4urluv5043d ago

"Sony isn't going to steal it when you buy a PS3."
Who said that everyone that owns a PS3 owned a PS2 or PS1?
Maybe I dont want to go out and buy another system, controls, and cables just to be able to play some cheap PS2 games.

wageslave5043d ago

While you're folding at home, I'll be playing ANOTHER Xbox 360 exclusive that is looking to be GOTY contender.

Enjoy your POS3.

Just admit you're disappointed with the PS3DO and get over it.

saltinekracka205043d ago

This article is a joke, and you're a complete imbecile.

DG5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

You know whats crazy my boy bought a PS3 for $500 or whatever it was in Canada I came over because HE wanted to play Halo3 (im not a fan I rented it for a month LOL) after playing we took a break and I put on the NHL08 demo then he said he has the full game for the PS3. I said OK put it on. Then we both looked at the screen and asked why does this look like a PS2 game. He said sony does not provide the HD cable and wants $100 for it. Is this true? The HD cables dont come with the low end version and is it really $100.00???

tuaamin135042d ago

You can get a $10 HDMI cable and it will work just the same. Those Monster cables are overpriced with no performance gain.

Prayer350z5041d ago

this may HELP the Sony franchise, but it will not make it better then the other 2 consoles, Sony needs more games, not another console.

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skynidas5043d ago

yeah wii and 360 are dead

Play B3yond5042d ago

Xbots are just too blind to see whats going to hit them...they can laugh now but in 08 and 09 we will be the ones laughing at their sorry broken down system

lawler5042d ago

Wii has probably already sold more than the ps3 ever will.

pwnsause5043d ago

the guy who wrote this article is right, last time I played an actual PS2 game was 3 weeks ago (God of war II, which I already beat) now I just play warhawk or the other PSN games.

TheSMART5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

No comment needed!

Lightning Mr Bubbles5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

They run right into the holiday season with exclusives like Folklore, Ratchet & Clank Future, and soon after Haze and Uncharted. I think these will all be great games.

And those are just the biggest exclusive new releases of course, the holiday brings a crap load of great multi platform games.

And then there's blu ray also. I feel like the PS3 is launching again or something. Weird.