TalkRadar 144 - Out to launch

A hectic 3DS launch week leads to a show filled with impromptu profanity and total gamer rage

The Topics

The Top 7... Worst things you can do to a gamer
Short of setting them on fire or something...

Pilotwings Resort review
Bite-sized aviation suitable for buses and couches alike

Steel Diver review
Surprisingly shallow

QOTW: Got a console launch story?
Ever waited in a mile-long line for hours, or braved the cold for an eternity just to be the first to go home and unbox something you’ll be too tired to play? So have we! Every good gamer should have an anecdote relating to the launch of a brand new console. So in honor of the 3DS hitting retailers this week, we wanna hear yours. Let us know in in the forums, and we might read your answer LIVE on TalkRadar 145!

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TheLastGuardian2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Talkradar is a great video gaming podcast You'll love it. Chris Antista, Mikel Reparez and Brett Elston aand the rest of the Gamesradar crew are funny as hell. No matter if you like all generation consoles and PC's. I've listened to every episode of this podcast. It's also on iTunes.

Approve it! ;)