A World Map Of Video Game Villains

Complex: With Homefront out this week predicting how a unified Korea might just turn the U.S. into an occupied nation, it became clear to us how international relations can affect the gaming industry. Gone are the days of all FPSes being either World War II or sci-fi; in the new milennium, developers are on the hunt for enemies that are speculative but still plausible.

Either they're rooted in real-life global hotspots (this spring's SOCOM 4 takes place around the shipping lanes of Southeast Asia), or they bring favorite punching bags into the future. Whether it's mercenaries, guerillas, or just insane despots, gamers find themselves fighting against enemies the world over—so we rounded up 20 shooters from the past 10 years and plotted who exactly developers are singling out. Say hi to the bad guy!

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RedDead2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

It's a damn shame we never get to fight the real villains. The United States of America...

GrieverSoul2977d ago

Well, in Modern Wardare 2 the REAL enemy is from the US.

There are lots of games that places the US as the good guys since most games are developed there. It doesnt annoy me one bit. Its like Hollywood, its an US thing. They are a nation proud of themselves and they like to see themselves facing impossivel odds but always overcoming them. I see no wrong with that.

NOTE: My comment regards games and movies industry only. Politic side is another thing.

Pozzle2977d ago

No Aussie villains? For shame!

worm20102977d ago

i agree an aussie villan would be awesome, someone like norman gunston

mrv3212977d ago

They should do one for bad guys, I bet they are MOSTLY British.

Jovahkiin2977d ago

I was hoping it was comic villians when i first clicked :(