Dead Island Comes With Steamworks and VAC

Dead Island from developer Techland (Call of Juarez) comes with Steamworks and VAC. The highly anticipated Zombie-Shooter Dead Island will not be seeing the light of day in Germany.

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Wizziokid2980d ago

after reading the article title I though it was going to be steamworks on PS3 like what portal 2 is doing... darn!

BeastlyRig2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Is steam ps3's main center no! is portal 2 a valve game yes! that's were it stops..

Don't expect steamworks on every game unless you buy it on steam!

I hope BF3 will have steamworks!!

xAlmostPro2980d ago

Im not even gonna read or comment anything else, dead island is not a zombie shooter for a start