Mario Kart Wii: Get Good In No Time

With so many variables, Mario Kart Wii is as unpredictable as it is fun. Knowing and remembering a few key things can do wonders, narrowing that often frustrating gap between skill and luck to really improve your game. This quick, practical guide will have your opponents eating your karting dust in no time..

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Istanbull2979d ago

Its not fun, it became boring after awhile. MK Double Dash is 100x better than this kiddy casual P.O.S

Samus HD2979d ago

I like mario kart ( one of my favorite games)
but` I have to agree with you. It's not that fun - the other mario kart titles were better than this (don't consider for better controls and graphics)

zinger_AU2979d ago

Agreed DD is better as you'll see from other articles on our site, but it's definitely not a P.O.S

PlayerX2979d ago

I love Mario Kart Wii. Best in the series.