SOCOM4 Shotgun Montage Gameplay with Victory Dances

I_Guts_I played the Socom 4 Beta with only a shotgun for a day. This is the result of that day, a day of victory dances.

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Winning2976d ago

I get kicked out of games for playing SOCOM the way you're supposed to, instead of running around like a Rambo.

Hardly anyone uses a mic. There's no teamwork or strategy played out. People are playing like it's COD.

I'd like to find a real team/clan to play on. I do play the classic with no respawn.

dkgshiz2976d ago

I found some really good teams last night. Sadly nobody really uses team work anymore in any games. You just need to get a good clan going.

zgoldenlionz2976d ago

yes SOCOM isnt SOCOM if your not playing with youre clan, people are forgetting this is a beta people are trying to get good with the controls and less worried about team tactics atm, and once the game comes out and everyone gets together with there socom buddies you will be destroying the other team filled with players trying to act like there playing CoD.

a_squirrel2976d ago

victory dance right at 3:22

InTheKnow2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

First off the music is about as bad a song choice as you can make.

What's up with the 30'-50' away single shot shotgun blast for the kill? Some serious balancing issues if you ask me.

The dancing is , well, matches the gay music and arcadie game play. What a dumb idea to add that.

So-com was once considered hard core. Military types would like to start a clan and battle. This just looks silly. The graphics are great but the game play is ridiculous arcadie fodder. I have a beta key but I'm a little worried about this.

Graw 2 on 360 ( best version )is/was one of the best TPS military style multi-player around. Every weapon has a different feel, rate of fire and real world physics. I hope Ghost Recon Future soldier doesn't sell out like So-com. I doubt Red Storm will let that happen.

I hope Future Soldier launches in October like the rumors state.

femshep2976d ago

yeah sadly team work dosn't exist now adays which devs need to concentrate more on that then trying to make it like cod....cod fails everytime they should follow battlefield and progress of that

the victory dances are awesome tho better than the terrible t-bagging children this way there will be some hilarity in on uncharted when you could hump people gets them so pissed but its hilarious

Winning2976d ago

I've yet to see a victory dance. I'm missing out.

zgoldenlionz2976d ago

how can devs concentrate more on team work? that is completely community based. its not the maps fault theres tons of spots on both maps where strategies can be implemented to crush the opposing team. ive been playing the beta with and without my socom clan since the beta started and by far its a better experience playing with my friends just like any other socom title.

Max Power2976d ago

Yeah, I got killed while doing a victory dance, I just laughed my head off, can't get upset when that happens.

I_Guts_I2976d ago

3:22 is when the dancing starts. Just look at the Annotions :).

MysticStrummer2976d ago

"sadly teamwork doesn't exist nowadays" I see teamwork every day when I play MAG.

femshep2976d ago

well they could actually have games where you have to do certian things to when a match not everyone can do just one thing....and make it so you have to have communication

lawlz mag dosn't count as a game just as lag

zgoldenlionz2976d ago

@mysticstrummer if you want to see teamwork its only a clan away or you could just drop in while me and my buddies are playing.

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Pixel_Pusher2976d ago

anyone that thinks this a cute little TPS hasn't played the beta. the gameplay is intense (but FUN) and the pace never slows down for a min.

I_Guts_I2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

When people compare this game to COD is just...

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KING852976d ago

That shotgun appears to have quite the kick. I never really liked playing with them in previous installments because it kind of put you at a disadvantage if not in close quarters. Perhaps I shall give it a go in this one.

solidworm2976d ago

This game is so good it hurts

Gamer_Z2976d ago

That shotgun gets some distance, which one is he using?

xVeZx2976d ago

this game graphically looks awesome

RandomDude6552976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Seriously....why isn't the media on this games nuts like the were with crysis graphics. Beautiful looking game.

I_Guts_I2976d ago

Crysis is a FPS which means it has relations to COD so the media jumped on its nuts.

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