Report: Netflix sees stronger loyalty for HD DVD than Blu-ray

According to Internet tracker, although Netflix's Blu-ray pages receive more hits, customers are more likely to set HD DVD as their preferred format. tracked user activity on Netflix from June through August and found on average that Blu-ray titles received around 31,000 unique viewers per month while HD DVD received 17,000 viewers.

However, around 19,000 people selected HD DVD as their preferred format, compared to only around 6500 for Blu-ray.

The more important statistic is that neither Blu-ray or HD DVD is even close to matching DVD demand: only 0.3% of all Netflix viewers even viewed the Blu-ray or HD DVD section.

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SonySoldiers4118d ago

Blu-Ray is way above and beyond.... stupid cowboys.

socomnick4117d ago

Get the [email protected] out of here with your anti American ass what are you Japanese tired of having a small penis are you jealous.

TheSMART4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

Blu-ray owners actually BUY their discs and DON'T RENT them which is why Blu-ray has had a steady 2 to 1 lead over HD DVD in North America. Its 4 to 1 in Europe.

HD DVD owners obviously are RENTING more because they DON'T WANT TO BUY THEM.

cuco334117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

then BD would be leading by 10:1 and not 1.5:1 as it stands now.

The mass PS3 owners aren't buying BD movies. Look at the attachment rates and sales figures. PS3s keeps shrinking where HD DVDs keeps growing.

No lie, look at the numbers. I bet you majority of PS3 owners here haven't even bought 5 BD movies with their own wallet and further proves this notion. Now watch how all the Sony fans go and disagree with me. Truth hurts don't it?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4118d ago

WHo care if people are more loyal to HD DVD. It's like 100 people go to the blu ray section and 30 people rent. And 10 people go to the HD DVD dection and 7 people rent. Yeah the guys who go the HD DVD section have a higher attach rate.

LOL, how pathetic. Next Bloodmask report please... or any other XBOX fanboy/Microsoft employee.

IRONMAN_357kickback4118d ago


felidae4118d ago

it's already clear that HD DVD will loose the battle


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