A Theory of Many Consoles and One Network

Cross-platform communication between consoles may seem ludicrous and taboo, but suppose it did happen.

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sinncross2977d ago

The thing is that each major player is trying to foster a culture around their own social infrastructure.
Take Sony and Home: it is there not only as a financial pursuit from the company but also to bring the Sony community closer so to speak.

We are seeing some trends of cross-culture communication: Portal 2 allows PC and PS3 owners to play against one another, but the issue of relating people to a brand will make one massive network very difficult to get right, as nice an idea it may be.

boss_killa2977d ago

It would be awesome if PS3 owners could play against or with 360 owners in MP games like say Battlefield.

As cool as that would be though, I don't see it happening anytime soon. If it does I'd totally support it.

coryok2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

i dont know what this guy is smoking, the only reason cross platform isnt happening is because microsofts xbox live prevents it from happening. live is closed, theres no getting in or out of it.

psn is open, there are no barriers, if a developer wants to go multiplatform with their online they can (with the most recent example being portal 2).

i assume wii titles can go multiplatform as well if a developer wanted it enough, but the problem there is that all other platforms run with a lot better hardware. ps3 and wii cross platform would just look really bad on the ps3 (because the ps3 standards are much higher)

so ya, the only problem is xbox live, when microsoft changes its policies with xbox live (which wont happen) it will probably be commonplace for multiplatform games to have crossplatform multiplayer.