Next Mega Man game and Street Fighter 5 to debut in 2012? More surprises from Capcom at E3?

New Street Fighter and Mega Man game to debut at E3? More Capcom reveals at E3?

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FACTUAL evidence2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Megaman x9 please! SFV?....Not so much. Too many SFIV's came out over the past couple months...

ApexHell2860d ago

ssf4 came out about a year ago, 3ds version just came out and arcade edition is dlc for ssf4 which adds nothing but unbalanced characters.

nano882861d ago

street fighter 5 im happy

truehunter2861d ago

No Super Street Fighter 4 Full roster Edition is needed not some waitting list.

Prototype2861d ago

Scamcom at it again...

Street Fighter in my opinion (IMO not FACT like everyone likes to twist it) should have ended with 3 3rd strike; this 4, super 4, etc gotta go. I miss the 90's Street Fighter I grew up with; I'd settle for some cross over games or some type of remakes to show the new generation where Street Fighter came from.

Mega Man, the main series I'll continue to support since they are fun to play, and Legends if it ever makes it to home console; but the X series I didn't really feel because it didn't have that charm like the original series had. The power battles were fun also but too bad I only got to play 1 and 2.

maxmill2860d ago

street fighter is trash

mk pwns it in half

Louis_Guzman2860d ago

Lol! You mad bro? Keep the comedy coming. I especially liked the punchline when MK's parent company went belly up and WB had to fish MK and Boon out of the gutter. Oh and SF>MK, both critically and commercially, fact. MK is for poor, white, Walmart shopping trash.

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The story is too old to be commented.