Dungeon Fighter Online for XBLA will be a paid download

XMNR: Dungeon Fighter Online for Xbox LIVE Arcade will be handled by Magna Carte 2 developer Softmax. However, while the PC version of the game makes money by selling items in the game such as hairstyles, pets, different finishing moves and weapons, Microsoft has confirmed to us that the XBLA version will be a paid download.

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BizDaWolf2856d ago

I know it M$ greedy ass

ChristianGamer2856d ago

When Mass Effect 2 on psn is more expensive than retail you all blame EA.
When Softmax charges for their game on xbl you blame microsoft. . .
Hey um Logic called, wants to know why you never use it

hazelamy2856d ago

did you read the article?
microsoft are publishing the title, i think they have to take some responsibility for the price.

Godmars2902856d ago

I'm confused, did 360 expect this to be offered wholly for free, or that XBL Gold would be required?

Queasy2856d ago

The PC version of the game is free to download/play but is supported by an in-game micro-transaction model. The hope was that a similar model would be made available for XBLA.

Godmars2902856d ago

And isn't there maps and such to games that are free on PC yet have to be bought on XBL? Why should this be any different?

I'm just confused as weather or not this is going to turn out to be like the Wakfu title which apparently is an arcade title and not the MMO? Will this game be an MMO, or just a multiplayer side scrolling fighter where people can drop in and out, but have additional levels which have to be bought separately?

Chaoshead2856d ago

"Dungeon Fighter Online will be a paid XBLA title with online multiplayer features"

i think that means XBLA version will be not a MMO

radphil2856d ago

"And isn't there maps and such to games that are free on PC yet have to be bought on XBL? Why should this be any different? "

Because people need to question it. You give companies an inch and they'll way more than likely take a mile.

SkyCrawler2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Yeah, might aswell get it for pc. WHERE ITS FREE!

(please excuse my caps. I rarely go to such extremes. Thank You)

jetlian2856d ago

dont milk it its fine.

noxeven2856d ago

so wait, its just client we pay for or we paying for client then the monthly fee

Queasy2856d ago

My for the client but no monthly fee. The rest of the financial support will be based on DLC micro-transaction purchases just like the PC version.

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