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The Real Otaku Gaming staff look at Crysis 2 and give a in depth review without any spoilers.

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DolfZigglers2982d ago

Now that's a review, no spoilers like it says. Thank you.

M_Prime2982d ago

Thanks glad you enjoyed it

Kon2982d ago

Nice review. If the EADM hadn't screwed my download the first time, i would be playing it right now.

joab7772982d ago

I must say that if u are playing for the campaign, rent it but the multiplayer, while adding nothing new just as halo and cod do, it is different. I would call it a blend of the two. It is quite deep and definitely worth buying. Apart from maybe k3, it is my favorite fps multi available right now and if u own an Xbox and love online fps, buy it. The online will keep u engaged for quite some time.