Spielberg Camp Shuts Down Latest HD DVD Rumors

Although a presentation from Universal Japan late last week appeared to indicate otherwise, Steven Spielberg's longtime spokesman is denying reports that several of the director's classic flicks are headed to HD DVD.

Given the director's apparent preference for Blu-ray, and his previous denials of any immediate plans for HD DVD release of his titles, the image of Spielberg tiles on a page wrapped by the "Look and Sound of Perfect" graphics common to all of Universal's HD DVD discs was enough to whip fans into a near-frenzy.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4496d ago

They run right into the holiday season with exclusives like Folklore, Ratchet & Clank Future, and soon after Haze and Uncharted. I think these will all be great games.

And those are just the biggest exclusive new releases of course, the holiday brings a crap load of great multi platform games.

And then there's blu ray also. I feel like the PS3 is launching again or something. Weird.

I know this article is about XBOX 360, but as far as I care that system can suck my balls.

Fan Tastic4496d ago

How many times will they try to trick people. Sadly it worked the first time and I know people who thought they'd be getting these titles.

Fan Tastic4496d ago

He should sue their asses

SiLeNt KNighT4496d ago

is like the T1000 from terminator 2. a slow, painful looking death. keep spending money though, its better for our economy!! george bush loves hd dvd!

Vicophine4496d ago

A matter of time now before HD-DVD is completely gone.

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The story is too old to be commented.