Biggest Badasses in Gaming

There are some guys that are just SO badass that you would love to be just like them. But then you would have to go to the gym which takes WAY too much work, so I’ll settle on being them in videogames. Here is my list of some of the biggest badasses in gaming:

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Yi-Long3474d ago

... I didn't think Marston was a bad-ass at all!

He was constantly whining and allowing himself to be used by everyone, just so they might tell him something he needed to know or do him a favour...

Super Meat Boy is a bad-ass though. Dying a million bloody deaths just so he can save Bandage-Girl!

InLaLaLand3474d ago

I agree about John Marston. He had the same attitude as Niko Bellic. This list needs Kiryu Kazuma, Ryu Hayabusa and Auron.

CaptainMarvelQ83473d ago

i disagree,John marston was a badass
it's just that he couldn't do anything because he was afraid for his family

and his last stand guarantees that he's a badass

Quagmire3474d ago

Ezio Auditore da Firzenze
or Altair Ibn Lahad

dorron3474d ago

Snake? Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!

Solid_Snake-3473d ago

take the word BAD out of the title and you have kratos.

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The story is too old to be commented.